“You’re making a mistake if you categorize Ryan Lange as a “recruiter.” Ryan and the team at DRI go far beyond the services of what most think of when they say the word “recruiter.” They take a genuine interest in your business to ensure they not only get the right candidate for your role but also do right by the candidate who is making a career change.

I first began working with DRI in 2004 when my friends acquired a $5M manufacturing company. We were tasked with a turn-around effort that was rather serious. With the help of Ryan and DRI, we upgraded 83% of the talent in the company. The new team we brought together produced 4 times revenue and 3.5 times EBITDA in only four years. This success would not have been possible without the help of Ryan/DRI. After we sold the company, I brought Ryan along at our next venture where we had similar success. Upon my departure there, Ryan helped me build a team while I was responsible for a $250M division of a Fortune 50 company. Simply put, DRI has helped me find world class talent for well over a decade; whether running a private small manufacturing company or global division of a large corporation.

In my opinion, hiring a “recruiter” is foolish. Partnering with Ryan and DRI is an intelligent business decision. I’d highly recommend trying to get them as your partner if you desire results.”


“I have used Ryan to fill positions on several occasions. I found his dedication to the client and attention to the customer to be very high. There was never a time when I felt like I wasn’t informed and up to date on my project. I always felt that Ryan provided current information and advice that empowered me to make the right decisions. I felt that our hiring process was very well-defined, effective and efficient because of the work that Ryan and his team did pre-qualifying candidates they presented to us. We were always presented candidates who were very highly qualified and matched the culture of our organization and its goals.”

“I would highly recommend Ryan and the team at DRI for hiring assistance. They take the time to truly understand the client’s needs in the position they are searching for as well as making sure they fully understand the client’s organizational culture, environment, and working environment. They take the time to pre-qualify the candidates and ensure the candidates they recommend are a positive fit for the client and meet the client’s expectations for that position. I truly appreciate the follow-up e-mails and calls from Ryan even if we are not in the hiring mode. It helps me understand if there are qualified candidates who we may not be considering. Ryan always makes a point of stopping by to visit in person during our major trade shows to ensure he is up to date on our projects and potential needs.”


“Working with Ryan and his team as a candidate exceeded my expectations. They consistently communicated with me to provide updates throughout the job interview process. I have and will continue to recommend Ryan and his team at DRI because I know a candidate can count on them to place him or her in the best job situation possible based on individual career goals.”

“From a client perspective, Ryan and his team were consistently communicating with me to provide updates on the status of each candidate. They did a great job defining the goals of each candidate so we knew as much as possible going into the interview process. I have and will recommend Ryan and his team at DRI because I know a company can count on them to find the best candidates possible that fit the company’s culture and goals.”


“Ryan is an extremely professional and detail-oriented recruiter. He creates a bridge between the hiring company and the candidate, relaying the specifics of the job that go beyond the job description. Ryan articulates the needs and key objectives of the role and makes sure that the candidate is best informed on it before he/she goes in for the interview. I was most impressed by Ryan’s prompt follow up every step along the way from phone screen, to the interview, and the offer process. Ryan and DRI are not in it just for the transaction; They are in it for a long-term relationship. He even checked in after I had started and had been in the role for about a month. I would not hesitate recommending Ryan and his team at DRI for those who are looking at connecting with a recruiter to chart their career forward.”

“Ryan and his team at DRI are extremely competent and effective in understanding your needs as a hiring manager, calibrating on the type of candidate, and then sourcing the best candidates for the role. Ryan will seek feedback on the sourced candidates and keep in constant contact so you know where things stand. He is proactive in providing feedback and will make adjustments as needed as you focus your needs. I would not hesitate recommending Ryan and his team at DRI to hiring managers looking to find the right candidates for their team.”


“We appreciate Ryan and his team’s approach to helping us find quality candidates. They are extremely efficient, sincerely understand our company needs, and consistently communicate throughout the process. They put in the work to understand how our team thinks to make things work well for everyone involved.”


“I worked with Ryan and the DRI team as a candidate first, then as a client, and they absolutely exceeded my expectations throughout both instances. I was most pleased with the level of communication and the consistency of Ryan and his team. As a candidate, one of the best things they provided was coaching throughout the process and setting me up for success in all aspects. Working with Ryan and his team as a hiring manager, they were very persistent and showed great tenacity during their pursuit of candidates, and held the same high level of communication and coaching throughout. I would recommend Ryan and his team at DRI to other clients and candidates without question, and I truly look forward to working with them moving forward as other positions come available.”


“I have had the honor of working with Ryan Lange and his team at Direct Recruiters for the past 5 years. As a National Sales Manager, I have needed assistance in recruiting and selecting a number of candidates over the years. After a comprehensive discussion of our organizational requirements, Ryan quickly finds numerous qualified candidates, helps to schedule all the interviews, and coordinates the communications. The process of recruiting and interviewing talent while conducting day-to-day business can be challenging, but DRI makes it much easier. The candidates DRI recruits are always solid performers, fit the needs of the organization, and ultimately help our company deal with the challenges of onboarding new talent. I have hired a number of the candidates presented by the DRI team and wouldn’t hesitate to call Ryan Lange the next time I have an open requisition. I recommend Ryan and DRI to any hiring manager looking for a consultative approach, strong candidates and comprehensive assistance in the hiring process.”


“After 20 years in the computer industry, I can confidently say, Ryan and Doug are the best recruiters that I have worked with. Regardless of the type of position, Ryan and team consistently provide higher quality talent, in a shorter timeframe, than any other recruiters. One of the things that sets Ryan and Doug apart is their collaborative approach to recruiting. They work with you to draw out the specific requirements for each position. Then, as you move through the interview and hiring process, they work with you to refine the search and make sure you get the right candidate. Once you are ready to hire, they work with you to craft the right offer and bring the hire home. I can’t say enough about the quality of candidates. Ryan and Doug do an excellent job filtering candidates and only present those that match the requirements. Working with Ryan and Doug means I never have to settle for talent that is just “good enough”. I would and have recommended them on several occasions.”