What to Expect

Direct Recruiters' goal is to locate, assess, recruit, onboard and retain executives and professionals in an expedient and efficient manner.

Our 5-Phase Approach

Our professional team of Senior Recruiters and Research Associates will provide you with a consultative team approach carried out in 5 phases: Strategy, Recruitment, Implementation, Closure, and Follow-up.


Throughout our 5-phase process, we work closely with clients and candidates alike to ensure an efficient, effective and positive experience.

Strategy Profile


  • Conduct in-depth dialogue so that we may clearly understand your business culture and what you trying to accomplish with this hire
  • Identify qualifications, achievements, and expectations along with both short and long term goals that you hope to achieve with the hire
  • Assess the challenges for the search, agree on a successful search strategy and design the position profile
  • Assist our client in setting up an effective interview process


  • Approve company description, culture and future goals
  • Approve the position and candidate profile
  • Inform us of any specific companies and/or candidates you would like us to pursue

Selection Criteria


  • Identify ideal candidate profile and companies to target
  • Research overall job market conditions
  • Create a slate of "hot candidates" to target and research existing candidates in our database that are currently in this type of position
  • Pursue the leading candidates using our top recruiting methods and practices including video and Skype interviews in order to qualify them both qualitatively and quantitatively


  • Approve the candidate profile
  • View candidate candidate resume and profile when submitted
  • Make adjustments to acclimate to job market conditions



  • Provide a slate of candidates to interview
  • Provide comprehensive summaries to client
  • Coordinate interview process and help gather strategic interview questions
  • Review and assess candidate with client; determine action to take
  • Obtain references from candidate and provide data to client


  • Review candidate slate and make any necessary adjustments
  • Identify selection of candidates to be interviewed
  • Schedule interview dates and times
  • Provide us with timely post-interview feedback and impressions



  • Provide client market compensation parameters
  • Assist with offer negotiations, providing necessary information to make an offer
  • Counsel candidates on acceptance process and assist with transition
  • Monitor the resignation process and develop a transition and onboarding strategy


  • Prepare to make an offer to the final candidate
  • Establish a start-date and an onboarding plan to ensure successful transition



  • Regularly scheduled follow-up during the first 12 months following placement
  • Send out Voice of Customer survey to client to monitor quality
  • Monitor candidate's progress comparing them to goals that were outlined in the beginning of the search
  • Gauge client satisfaction level regarding DRI placement process within 30 days
  • Continual assessment for quality assurance for client

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