Graduated and Jobless: What Now?

September 30, 2021

By Celeste Gable, Marketing Coordinator

The class of 2020 graduates entered a very different economic future than their predecessors the year before. The recession caused by a pandemic has been especially hard on young workers. Well over a year past their graduation and 45% of the class of 2020 are still looking for work, according to a survey conducted by Monster. The challenges of a pandemic economy are evident in the labor market outcomes for these 2020 college graduates.

What’s the best way for grads to get back in the game?

Keep resume fresh and fine-tuned. Make sure you are presenting the latest and most compelling information to employers. Ask friends and mentors to critique your resume and cover letter and provide feedback. Use the gap between graduation and full-time employment to learn a new skill or volunteer your time.

Contact your college career office. Set up a meeting to explore options and make sure that you have tapped into all the resources available. Most offices have a roster of available jobs and internships. Online job posting sites like Handshake, LinkedIn, and Indeed are good resources too.

Ask employed friends to help you. Perhaps you have a friend or two in your field that would be willing to speak with their own company hiring officials about any upcoming hiring needs. Turnover is at an all-time high, so companies are hiring at increased rates. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Network, network, network. It is absolutely true that most graduates who find work after they have left campus do so through some form of networking. Ask your career office and/or alumni office for a list of contacts in geographic and industry sectors of interest. Follow and connect with relevant experts on LinkedIn. In addition, contact relatives. Everyone knows someone.

Have a strong online presence.  Make sure you’re LinkedIn profile is complete and up to date. Use your online presence to attract hiring managers and recruiters. Join groups for your college and career fields of interest. Reach out to fellow group members for informational interviews. Nowadays, most companies advertise their open jobs on their social platforms. Make sure you are following them for all their updates.

Consider temporary employment jobs, entry level positions and internships. Once your foot is in the door of a company, meet as many of the staff as you can and try to make a favorable impression. You never know where this could lead.

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Intern Spotlight: Danny Myeroff, Zack Olgin, and Jared Rosner

Over the years, Direct Recruiters has had the privilege of hiring several talented interns over the years. This year was no different, as we welcomed three interns to our team this summer. As a relationship-focused search firm, we serve over 30 different industries connecting qualified candidates to our diverse and well-established client list. Since we provide service for a variety of industries and companies, each intern has a different experience.  We asked our 2021 Summer interns to share about their internship at DRI below.  

Danny Myeroff   

“I’m Danny Myeroff and I attend Miami University of Ohio. I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Marketing. This is my third summer interning with DRI, as an Executive Search intern for the Robotics team. This has been the biggest and busiest summer for me. I’ve really felt more like an actual recruiter versus an intern. I was able to get on the phones more, help with more searches, and work with different industries. My favorite thing about DRI is playing basketball with the team during lunch. It’s always a good way to break up the day and get out of your head. I love the camaraderie we have as a group. Through working with the Industrial Group, I’ve learned so much about robotics and automation. I’ve also learned a lot of strong sales skills. However, the biggest takeaway has been learning how to network with people, especially those more experienced, smarter and more skilled than myself. In addition, learning to take the “No’s” of recruiting and not let that stop me from trying. Recruiting has helped me become a better salesperson, public speaker, and team player. Upon my graduation, I hope to return to Direct Recruiters as a full-time employee.” 

Zack Olgin

“My name is Zack Olgin. I am a communications student at the University of Cincinnati. This is my first full summer with DRI. I spent my summer working with the Healthcare IT team as an Executive Search Recruiter. It was a pleasure to work with this team of highly skilled individuals. As a recruiter, I loved being able to form new relationships with Candidates over the phone. Through working with my colleagues and potential candidates, I was really able to hone my networking and communication skills. These skills are beneficial for anyone regardless of career choice. I definitely feel like this has opened my eyes to all of the great things that DRI has to offer.” 

Jared Rosner

“I’m Jared Rosner, a senior at Miami University of Ohio, studying Emerging Technology in Business and Design. This summer, I worked with Leo Golubitsky and Aaron Kutz doing everything from sourcing and calling candidates to marketing via LinkedIn posts, flyers and sending out email blasts. My favorite thing I’ve done is getting on the phones and talking with people, as I can tell how much I improved upon this even over such a short period of time. I learned a ton about the recruiting process from start to finish, and all the detail that goes into finding the right candidate to go through the interview process with a client. Learning and gaining experience cold calling people helped my communication skills tremendously. Understanding how to improvise on the fly when things didn’t go as planned is a skill, I used a lot that will be utilized throughout the rest of my life. I also improved my ability to actively listen, which is obviously vital when talking to someone, whether recruiting or not. This internship has allowed me to experience being in an office setting for the first time, seeing all the different parts that make a business successful. It was also great getting to learn about how important culture is to a company, something DRI takes very seriously. From playing basketball every week to going to Top Golf and the Indians game among other activities, it’s clear to see how much of a positive impact all the effort into having a good culture has had for the success of the company.”