What are Direct Recruiters’ values?

Our core values are respectfully tenacious (passionately focused), team player that acts for the greater good, positively impacts others (accountable to clients, candidates & co-workers), and solutions-oriented (results oriented, takes initiative, problem solver).

What areas or locations does DRI serve?

Direct Recruiters services clients across North America and has years of experience placing candidates internationally as well.

Why do companies use recruiting firms?

Companies rely on recruiting firms to bring them top candidates that will contribute to the success of their organization for a variety of reasons.

  • Search firms find top candidates with a rare mix of skills (HYBRID CANDIDATES) with speed and focus.
  • Search firms have the ability to research and perform a deep dive into the marketplace.
  • Specific positions require experience and expertise.
  • Internal Recruiters or Hiring Managers don’t always have the time or training to recruit and acquire top talent.
  • A company or hiring manager may be confidentially replacing somebody who is still in the role that is either being promoted or underperforming.
  • A company or hiring manager may need candidates from a specific target company in which they have an existing relationship with.
  • Companies have exhausted their personal and company networks for candidate referrals.
  • Good search firms are trained to recruit, secure and retain passive candidates who are gainfully employed and not actively looking.
How do recruiters “close the deal” with potential candidates?

Recruiters play a vital role in helping keep a client’s message consistent and in serving as a bridge between the company and the prospective hire. The great majority of people recruiters reach out to are already in a good job situation, so when he or she evaluates the opportunity and senses differences in opinions or inconsistencies, the candidate will not make a change. A seasoned recruiter will manage this process. A recruiter is a 3rd party and is objective. They are trained to truly understand a candidate’s pain points both financially and otherwise. If the hiring company cannot solve the candidate’s reasons for making a change, a good recruiter will eliminate the candidate quickly to ensure the candidate and the hiring organization do not waste valuable time.

What types of services does Direct Recruiters provide?

Direct Recruiters provides services including Direct Retention, which is a high-level, performance-based retained search service with an unprecedented guarantee of candidate retention. We use trusted 3rd party partners and data analytics that allow us to guarantee this service. We provide contingency search which is built for clients that need us to act as talent scouts or for situations where the position isn’t as mission-critical. Lastly, we provide contract solutions for clients needing high level temporary support in IT, Engineering, and various other areas.

How does Direct Recruiters tailor the recruiting process to the needs of your client?

Direct Recruiters tailors the recruiting process for each client by starting each search from scratch. We create a game plan and communicate it to our clients and our internal team, then we start the process once everyone is on board with our game plan. Our process is then a 5-step approach which includes strategy profile, selection criteria, implementation, closure and follow-up.

What salary ranges do you place?

At Direct Recruiters, we offer customized employment solutions in order to elevate the success of our client organizations. With that being said, in almost 40 years of business, we have made placements within the salary range of $50,000 to $500,000 plus annually.

What types of positions do you place?

Direct Recruiters places professionals across several functional areas and verticals. This includes professionals within the following:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Engineering
  • Executive Leadership
  • Human Resources
  • Legal
  • Operations
  • Technical
What industries do you work in?

We work within several industries:

What is contingency search?

Contingency search is when the client or hiring company pays the recruiting or search firm a fee upon a successful placement and start date of the candidate.

What is retained search?

Retained search entails an engagement fee up front to the recruiting firm to perform a specific search, typically for higher level positions. Direct Recruiters offers a unique retained search, Direct Retention which also includes an extended guarantee.

What is contract staffing?

Contract staffing starts with the recruitment process just like a retained or contingency search. After landing the talent, our contract or temporary candidate goes to the client with the requested expertise and remains as the staffing firms’ employee. This means the staffing firm is the employer of record and is responsible for all payroll deductions, legally mandated benefits, and remittances of all employer-related taxes, relieving the client of any human resources tasks.

What are your fees/prices?

Recruiters usually charge anywhere from 20% - 35% of the placed candidate's 1st year guaranteed income with several different payment options. Direct Recruiters customizes each search and bases fees on the difficulty of the search and amount of hours that need to go into it to ensure a successful result. In 2018, our average fee was $25,000.

 How do I find a recruiter?

Whether from asking colleagues, searching online, meeting a recruiter on Linkedin or other forms of networking, it is important to find a recruiter who possesses industry knowledge for the positions the company is looking to hire for. Search firms that are market masters in the verticals they serve will be able to help a client find the right talent to match their open position. Our recruiters' contact information can be found here: https://www.directrecruiters.com/for-clients/discuss-a-recruiting-assignment-and-rates/

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