DRi_TEMPLATE BASEDirect Recruiters has been recognized as the relationship-focused executive search firm that assists Healthcare Information Technology (IT) organizations with recruiting, acquiring and retaining high-impact healthcare industry talent for mission-critical positions. We provide executive search, recruitment and staffing services to fill Healthcare IT jobs in the Healthcare Technology industry. Contact our healthcare IT recruiter, Mike Silverstein at 440-996-0594 or msilverstein@directrecruiters.com for recruiting assistance or to be considered for a healthcare IT job.

Finding Top Talent

Direct Recruiters specializes in recruiting, staffing, search and consulting solutions for the Healthcare Information Technology (IT) Industry. We deliver qualified healthcare software sales candidates quickly and professionally. The healthcare information technology industry is known for the use of hardware and software for the purpose of using health data, healthcare information to improve patient care, efficiency and cost. Direct Recruiters is well-versed in the healthcare information technology industry and has extensive knowledge of quality data, leading to quality patient care. Healthcare software sales recruiters and medical software sales recruiters at DRI help healthcare software companies hire sales professionals to lead their business development, sales strategy and partnerships with hospitals, insurance providers, pharma companies, medical equipment manufacturers, and more.

DRI recruits and places highly qualified individuals that understand the management of health data, along with the software and systems needed to manage and analyze data.  HIM and HIT software sales recruiters at DRI are experts at negotiating salaries for Health Information Management Technology (HIMT) professionals. In addition, the telehealth software sales recruiters, telemedicine software sales recruiters and telehealth consultants at DRI have a telehealth industry executive's knowledge of telecommunications technology.

As an executive search firm, Direct Recruiters' Senior Executive Recruiters, Software Sales Recruiters and Research Associates work with renowned companies that focus on the following areas:

The DRI team is comprised of Healthcare IT Senior Recruiters, Software Sales Recruiters and Research Associates who have a thorough understanding of the Healthcare IT industry and current job market. On a daily basis, we are in contact with executive management, hiring authorities, and human resource managers looking to fill open positions with top professionals.

Healthcare IT Executive Search Firm

Direct Recruiters is a Healthcare IT executive search firm and provides recruiting services to fill Healthcare IT jobs in the Healthcare Technology industry. Our team has a track record of filling high-level executive roles for leading companies in the industry, as well as assisting candidates in their Healthcare IT executive job search. Led by Mike Silverstein, Partner & Healthcare IT Executive Recruiter, Direct Recruiters is one of the top Healthcare IT Executive search firms for companies looking to add top talent.

Thought Leader Interviews

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, DRI is connecting with successful Healthcare IT companies and individuals to share info and tips regarding how their businesses are responding to the pandemic, keeping your employees engaged, and more. 

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Proud Collaboration Partner with the HIMSS Innovation Center, Cleveland, Ohio. 

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To Fill a Position or Discuss a Recruiting Assignment, contact Mike Silverstein, Managing Partner & Director of Healthcare IT Recruitment at 440-996-0594, msilverstein@directrecruiters.com. Connect with Mike Silverstein on LinkedIn.  Mike Silverstein was recently inducted into the Pinnacle Society, the nation’s premier consortium of top recruiters within the direct placement and search industry.

For a broad range of IT Contracting and Staffing Solutions including Staff Augmentation and Temp-to-Perm for Healthcare IT and Enterprise IT, contact our sister company Direct Consulting Associates, at 440-996-0050.

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Mike Silverstein | Managing Partner of Healthcare IT & Life Sciences | Healthcare IT Recruitment Director | 440-996-0594 | msilverstein@directrecruiters.com

Kasey Fahey Kaiser | Partner, Healthcare Technology & Life Sciences | Healthcare IT Recruiter | 440-996-0861 | kkaiser@directrecruiters.com

Norman Volsky | Partner and Digital Health Practice Leader | Digital Health Recruiter | Healthcare IT Recruiter | 440-996-0059 | nvolsky@directrecruiters.com

Stephen Benson | Project Manager - HIT Division | Healthcare IT Recruiter | 440-996-0580 | sbenson@directrecruiters.com

Jaimie Bailey | Healthcare IT Recruitment Research Manager | 440-996-0878 | jbailey@directrecruiters.com

Jillian Weiss | Project Manager - HIT Division | Healthcare IT Recruiter | 440-991-1062 | jweiss@directrecruiters.com

Mitchell Herman | Project Manager - HIT Division | Healthcare IT Recruiter | 440-996-0875 | mherman@directrecruiters.com

Brad Morrison | Project Manager - HIT Division | Healthcare IT Recruiter | 440-996-0586 | bmorrison@directrecruiters.com

Tyler Slomovitz | Project Manager - HIT Division | Healthcare IT Recruiter | 440-971-1204 | tslomovitz@directrecruiters.com

Nicole Palatchi | Project Manager - HIT Division | Healthcare IT Recruiter | 440-971-1207 | npalatchi@directrecruiters.com

Brett Dubin | Project Manager - HIT Division | Healthcare IT Recruiter | 440-991-1065 | bdubin@directrecruiters.com

Giselle Rubin 320x320

Giselle Rubin | Project Manager - HIT Division | Healthcare IT Recruiter | 440-996-0877  | grubin@directrecruiters.com

Amy Bogart 320x320

Amy Bogart | Project Manager - HIT Division | Healthcare IT Recruiter | 440-971-1203  | abogart@directrecruiters.com

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Clients we have recently worked with: