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Direct Recruiters, Inc. is an executive search firm that recruits and places software sales executives, technology sales executives, software engineers, SaaS Sales, Cloud Computing Sales, ERP Sales Representatives into software sales jobs for companies across industries like Healthcare IT, Supply Chain, and Security across the United States. We provide executive search services including contingency, contract staffing and retained 'Direct Retention' search for clients looking for software sales and technology sales talent. For employee recruiting assistance, placement assistance or to be considered for software sales jobs, please contact our software sales recruiters, Mike Silverstein at 440-996-0594 / or Ryan Lange at 440-996-0593 /
DRI software recruiters help companies to recruit teams that manage and/or sell software; data or instructions to tell a computer what to do and how to perform. We recruit for companies who sell application software, system software, operating systems, device drivers, and other computer programs. As leading software sales recruiters, our team is well-versed in the software and information technology areas, recruiting for positions surrounding information technology systems, data storage systems, database systems, SaaS, security softwares, and more.

Software Recruiting Areas of Specialization 

In the ever-evolving world of software sales, the right talent can be a game-changer. Software sales professionals bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and customer needs, making them essential to the success of tech-driven businesses. DRI's software sales recruiters specialize in connecting hiring managers with top-tier software sales experts who can drive revenue, forge strategic partnerships, and excel in this dynamic field. Our software sales executive search specialists' deep industry knowledge and extensive network ensure that we find the software sales professionals who not only meet your immediate needs but also align with your long-term vision. We specialize in finding software sales talent in the following areas:

Technology Recruiting Areas of Specialization 

DRI Types of Software Sales Recruiters

Software Sales Recruiters

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Contact Ryan Lange, Managing Partner, Government, Energy & Security for more information:

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