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Direct Recruiters is an executive search firm that recruits high-impact employees for companies in the security industry. DRI security executive search consultants are experts in finding leading sales, marketing, engineering, operations and C-suite professionals for top security organizations.
From advanced surveillance systems and biometric authentication to public safety technology and cybersecurity solutions, the security technology sector encompasses a broad spectrum of products and services. With the evolving nature of the security industry, DRI security recruiters remains well-versed in the sector's advancement, and connected to top professionals to elevate your workforce.
For security recruiting assistance, placement assistance or to be considered for security industry jobs, please contact our security recruiter, Ryan Lange at 440-996-0593 or  Our types of search include:
Our team of security recruiters and security executive search is dedicated to sourcing, identifying, acquiring, and retaining top performing professionals to elevate the success of our clients' organizations.

Security Recruiting Areas of Specialization

Security Roles We Place

On a daily basis, our security recruitment team is in contact with executive management and hiring authorities looking to hire top professionals in the areas below:

Sales & Marketing



Finding Top Security Talent

In an increasingly interconnected world, the security field has never been more critical. Organizations, both large and small, face a multitude of threats ranging from cybersecurity breaches to physical security technology challenges. DRI security recruiters understand the pivotal role that security professionals play in safeguarding assets, information, and people. Our expert recruiters and executive search consultants are dedicated to identifying, engaging, and placing top-tier security talent, from cybersecurity experts to physical security leaders. With a track record of excellence, DRI security recruiters act as trusted partners to leading security and security technology organizations.

Why Work With DRI Security Recruiters?

Security Expertise: The DRI team specializes in security recruitment and executive search. Our security recruiters comprehend the intricate landscape of security, from IT security and risk management to physical security and emergency response. Our expertise ensures that you gain access to security professionals who can protect your organization's assets and reputation.

Customized Solutions: Each security role is unique. DRI security executive search services are customized to meet your organization's specific talent needs, whether you're seeking a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Security Director, or cybersecurity experts.

Proven Success: DRI has assisted various organizations across several sectors in securing top-notch security talent who have safeguarded their digital and physical assets.

Contact Ryan Lange, Managing Partner, Government, Security & Energy  for more information:

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