Direct Recruiters has been recognized as the relationship-focused search firm that assists Packaging companies and their suppliers with recruiting, acquiring and retaining high-impact talent for mission-critical positions. We provide executive search, recruitment & staffing services to fill packaging & printing jobs in the manufacturing industry. Direct Recruiters provides customized solutions for organizations looking for top talent.
We work in multiple disciplines within the Packaging industry. Our areas include:
Our types of search include:

Finding Top Talent

DRI has been a leader in providing recruiting, staffing, executive search, placement, and consulting solutions since 1983 years. We have a reputation for delivering qualified job candidates quickly and professionally.

DRI fills key positions and builds successful teams for top tier companies in the Packaging Industry.

The DRI team is comprised of Packaging Industry experts including Researchers, Senior Recruiters, and Practice Leaders who devote 100% of their efforts in this industry. They have a thorough understanding of the current job market and what it takes to fill open positions.

On a daily basis, we are in contact with Packaging executive management and hiring authorities looking to hire key industry professionals in the areas below:

  • Plastics Executives
  • Plastics Managers
  • Plastics VPs
  • Plastics Directors (Sales, Marketing, Operations)
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Engineering
  • Packaging Engineers
  • Automation
  • Managers
  • Directors
  • Engineers
  • Field Service
  • VPs
  • Plant Managers
  • VP of Sales
  • VP of Operations
  • VP of Marketing
  • Presidents
  • CEO
  • COO
  • CMO
  • CHRO
  • CIO
  • Human Resources
  • Talent Management
  • Director of Operations
  • Account Managers 

To Fill a Position or Discuss a Recruiting Assignment, contact our Automated Packaging Equipment Recruiters and Flexible Packaging Equipment, David Peterson 440-996-0590 Jason Herbert 440-996-0591 or Cherie Shepard 440-996-0582

David Peterson | Managing Partner of Plastics and Flexible Packaging | Packaging Recruiter | Flexible Packaging Recruiter | 440-996-0590 |

Cherie Shepard | Partner | Director of Packaging Equipment Recruitment | Packaging Equipment Recruiter | 440-996-0582 |

Jason Herbert | Partner | Executive Search Practice Leader of Packaging Equipment | Packaging Equipment Recruiter | 440-996-0591 |

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