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Direct Recruiters recruits, acquires and retains leading talent across a multitude of industries including industrial, healthcare, legal, public safety, and more. Our recruiters are well-versed in their specific industries and stay up to date on trends, technologies, and trade shows. We are connected with key players across our practice areas.

About Direct Recruiters

Since 1983 Direct Recruiters, Inc. has been recognized as the relationship-focused search firm specializing in building customized employment solutions. Our team offers contingency search, contract staffing and retained 'Direct Retention' search to source, identify, acquire, and retain top-performing professionals to elevate the success of our client organizations.

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Direct Recruiters is committed to providing candidates with knowledge and information for them to make a smooth job transition and informed decisions. Below are several videos we encourage candidates to watch in preparation for a new career opportunity.

Resume Preparation
Interview Preparation
Resignation Preparation
Your First 30 Days


Direct Recruiters works on a variety of open roles within sales, engineering, operations, business development and more. Take a look at our current opportunities and please apply if any of them are of interest to you.



A.O. – Candidate

“Tim contacted me for an Automation Specialist position with Air Hydro Power. He made the process seamless and easy for me. He was always available to talk and helped coach me through the interview process. He was easy to work…

T.B – Candidate

“What can I say, I have a great job and Timothy was the person who figured out the potential, brought us all together, streamlined things then saw the process through the end. He was honest and direct with expectations and…

B.O – Candidate

“Tim is a seasoned professional at what he does. He takes the time to listen to his clients needs on both sides, employer & employee. He is a good listener who can build long lasting relationships.”

G.C. – Candidate

“Tim contacted me to recruit me for an engineering position at Stäubli. He was extremely attentive to my needs and concerns His communication was excellent throughout the entire process. His reputation as a superior recruiter proceeds him with everyone I…

M.S.F. – Candidate

“Tim was straight forward and worked with me on securing a new position for over a month. His high integrity and willingness to research anything I wanted to know leads me to believe you won’t have any surprises when starting…

D.P – Candidate

“Tim has been by and large the best recruiter I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with. Throughout the entire process, from initial contact, to negotiating on my behalf, and finally landing me a great position, Tim was patient, understanding, wise,…

A.C. – Candidate

“Tim has been wonderful in his role as a recruiter. Consistently in communication and verifies information every step of the way. He is passionate about his position and has been a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend utilizing…

J.H – Candidate

“Tim reached out to me when I was looking for a way back into my desired field of work. He found a position that allowed me to transfer my skills from one industry to another and set my career path…

J.S. – Candidate

“Timothy reached out to me during my job search and was very thorough in finding a position he had available for me that met my needs, but was an all around great fit for both parties. He was very knowledgeable…

M.S. – Candidate

“I was recruited by Tim and it was more than a pleasure. He is a consummate profession, a gentleman and a scholar. Tough to find a recruiter better than him!”

D.C. – Candidate

“Timothy is very knowledgeable, articulate and a pleasure to work with. He is an outstanding member of the Direct Recruiters team. I was contacted in early March he assured me that I was very qualified for the position. He brings…

J.E. – Candidate

“Timothy reached out to me about an opportunity with Stäubli Electrical Connectors, and was super professional and helpful through the process. He helped with setting up interviews and was a wonderful resource from start to finish. He was with me…

S.K. – Candidate

“Timothy is a professional! As a recruiter, he is an excellent liaison between the candidate and the company hiring. Having had much HR experience directly, he is good at explaining the opportunity and all that it entails. I recommend him…

M.N – Candidate

“Timothy is a hard working person who does not take a NO for NO. He would persevere to show value and options to the benefits of his clients. He is Dedicated and focus.”

G.G. – Candidate

“Tim Sullen, is awesome to work with! He is professional, polite and truly cares. During my hiring process, Tim was much more than a recruiter. He quickly became trusted adviser and a friend.”

A.B. – Candidate

“Tim was an incredible asset on for me for moving forward in my career journey. He found an ideal fit, supported me throughout the process, and most importantly kept me as 1st priority. if he is on your side, you…

T.S. – Candidate

“Timothy is pleasant and very detailed with his work he clearly understands how to get you through to the finish line with success in mind.”

B.W. – Candidate

“Tess is amazing. She made the process easy and talked through everything with me. Tess is an ALL STAR. I cannot say enough good things about working with her.”

M.M. – Candidate

“Megan was very helpful in trying to determine the right opportunity fit for me based on my skills/experience and career goals. She appropriately coached me throughout the process and assisted after the final offer with details around references, etc. Overall…

A.R.G. – Candidate

“Mitch did an outstanding job balancing the needs of his client with my needs as candidate. He was consistently available to connect and talk through questions or concerns and genuinely focused on making sure the role was a fit for…

W.C. – Candidate

“Kylie introduced me to this role that was not publicly offered. She walked me through everything and was available to help me at any time. Kylie was able to communicate through phone, text, and email-whatever I was able to do…

G.C. – Candidate

“Shawna was amazing! She was attentive, professional, caring, easy to work with an overall just wonderful! Working with Shawna Rosner was a great experience! When she reached out to me, I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to move positions.…

S.E. – Candidate

“Jess was so helpful along the way with everything. I can’t think of anything that could have been done differently during this process. From my first conversation to the time I signed with my new employer, Jess covered all the…

T.O. – Candidate

“Joe was extremely professional throughout the process. Communication was consistent and productive. Every info provided ensured I didn’t go into the interview process blind.”

T.P. – Candidate

“Nick Saddleton scores a 10 any day in book. I crossed paths with Nick, and honestly, the exact moment eludes me. Yet, from our initial phone call, I felt an immediate trust. It seemed like he genuinely cared about not…

G.W – Candidate

“From our initial conversation to the final stages of negotiation, Mark’s personalized approach and attention to detail truly set him apart as an outstanding recruiter. Mark’s insightful advice and timely communication empowered me to present my skills and experiences in…

C.P – Candidate

“I worked with Mark as he guided me through the hiring process with Actega. It was a pleasure to work with Mark as he consistently kept me informed as we worked through each step of the process. I highly recommend…

J.L. – Candidate

“Working with Amy and Aaron was the most efficient and productive experience I’ve ever had with a recruiting company. Amy was very professional and sincere during the initial conversation. She was very knowledgeable about the open opportunity and the hiring…

Samson Magid, Co-Founder & CEO, at HealthSnap

“DRI provided us with several very strong candidates, which made us confident that of any options provided, we would be choosing the right fit for this role. DRI was extremely diligent and organized throughout all candidate discussions. Including scorecards, full…

Mark Klindera, President/CEO, UNOX

“Rachel and her team are “best in class” recruiters in the Foodservice Equipment space. Rachel takes the time to listen and fully understand the requirements of the role she’s recruiting to fill. She also has taken the time to understand…

Derek Pietz, VP of Automation, Ono Food Co.

“I’ve worked with Rachel and the team at Direct Recruiters to build teams at three companies now and will continue to do so in the future. What I especially like is that Rachel takes the time to not only understand…

J.G. – Candidate

Jess Marino is a fantastic recruiter!  She is professional, well-informed and proactive. Very pleased with the entire process. I was kept updated through all stages.”

J.F. – Candidate

“Marah was professional and a pleasure to work with. Fun attitude. Kept me In the loop. The best experience I’ve had with a recruiter in 30 years. My colleagues and I complain about recruiters quite a bit. I now have…

John Bergher, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing, Artic Walk Ins

“Searching for the right professional to fill a critical role in your organization? Look no further than Rachel and her team! From the initial exploration to defining the finer details of the position; Rachel is on point through the entire…

Gregory Gavlak, Operations Leader – Grote Company

“We could not be happier with the way our most recent search turned out! Rachel and her team were extremely helpful in pulling out the critical aspects of our newly created role and presenting candidates that were truly what we…

N.C. – Candidate

“Jacob contacted me about a very unique position that I otherwise would never have found or thought would be in my wheelhouse. I could tell from his initial communication that he had worked very diligently with the hiring team to…

M.H. – Candidate

“Joe worked hard on my behalf throughout my hiring process. He consistently followed up and facilitated communication with my eventual hiring company. Great guy to work with!”

T.T. – Candidate

“Joe got me connected with a great new opportunity and was great to work with along the way. I would recommend him.Joe got me connected with a great new opportunity and was great to work with along the way. I…

H.J. – Candidate

“Joe is really knowledgeable and does what is best for his clients. Would definitely recommend!Joe is really knowledgeable and does what is best for his clients. Would definitely recommend!”

M.R. – Candidate

“Joe was great to work with, I’m pretty sure I take the record for longest time from first interview to signing the paperwork. Throughout the process, Joe made sure to check in, see how things were going, and help get…

T.B. – Candidate

“Joe was a pleasure to work with. Joe recently assisted in my next career move and it was honestly a very seamless process. He was responsive every step of the way and really wanted to a make sure my next…

R.D. – Candidate

“Joe was great to work with and very helpful throughout multiple interview processes. I was introduced to Joe while looking for a new sales role in the manufacturing industry and Joe took care of me. Not only did he find…

K.P. – Candidate

“Joe contacted me through LinkedIn, I was searching for a job at the time but left my resume open for anyone to search for me. He found my information and introduced himself as a recruiter for robots, manufacturing and automation…

M.M. – Candidate

“Joe was great to work with! He was extremely thorough, responsive, and professional through the entire process. I’ve worked with many recruiters over the course of my professional career and with out a doubt, Joe is one of the best”

D.R. – Candidate

“Joe was incredibly helpful, patient, and diligent in helping me find the next step in my career. I can’t recommend his efforts and support enough – a great advisor! Thanks Joe for all the hard work, I’m sure we will…

C.M. – Candidate

“There are many recruiters in the industry doing great work for their clients, but Joe Terry is an absolute top notch experience! The sheer number of contacts he has within this space is outstanding on top of his ability to…

Dan Trigub, CEO & Co-Founder, MedArrive

“Mike and his team are consultative, experienced, and collaborative. They offer thoughtful ideas and solutions and then go out and execute. Most importantly, they are trustworthy, honest and are focused on the long-term relationship with their customer. We partnered with…

Ryan Phillips, Director of Sales, Omnigo

“Highly satisfied with level of talent and quickness of filling positions. Open head count is costly and so is making a bad hire. DRI Recruiters minimizes my costs and helps to ensure a successful hire. Tess is a professional and…

D.B- Candidate

“Dave was very supportive along the way of finding me different opportunities, and was helpful in describing the types of roles available and his honest opinion about the companies. Working with DRI was extremely helpful. They are a wonderful service…

J.L. – Candidate

“From day one I felt the honest interest from Jessica to help me be the best match of  what IMA was looking in their candidate. That continued throughout the entire process, even after IMA had confirmed to me the position.…

I.V. – Candidate

“I have very much enjoyed working with Tyler. This is the second time he helped me find a position. He is always helpful and supportive, and does a great job updating me with what’s going on throughout the process. He…

J.L. – Candidate

“Shayla was fantastic to work with! There was so much that she did well, that I’ll have to list it! Very polite Good and frequent communicator Responsive and accessible Gave good insight and guidance Found me a job!”

Mary Beth Moore, Legal Recruiting Manager, Ulmer & Berne

“Shawna Rosner is an excellent recruiter who sent over a perfect match for a position that has been a challenge to fill for quite some time. Shawna is reliable and good about following up.”

S.Y. – Candidate

“I have connected with a lot of recruiters, but Jess was on another level. She provided me with a lot of helpful feedback and resources that made the process easy and and painless. Unbelievable. I feel like I gained skills,…

Pierre Barbour, Executive Director, New Haven Solid Waste & Recycling Authority

“The quality of the candidates were top notch. Jeff and his team listened to what was important to be a successful candidate and the results and number of qualified candidates made it easy to have confidence that out of the…

M.S. – Candidate

“DRI understood my skillset and worth better than I did. They were able to match my personal attributes and career competencies with the right company, at the right time, and at a higher echelon position than I could have achieved…

K.B. – Candidate

“Marah is one of a kind when it comes to recruiters. Further more, she’s more than a recruiter, though a true relationship developer, with her clients/prospects best intentions and placements in mind. Her communication and initiatives are unmatched in the…

J.L.G. – Candidate

“Joel was great to work with start to finish. Very thorough, and definitely a great advocate. Everything was great all around. Thanks Joel!”

M.G. – Client

“Great experience, listened to our needs and budget, provided good quality candidates that met the criteria, DRI recruitment team exceeded expectations. Thank you, Michael Silverstein and the entire recruitment team!”

J.F. – Candidate

“I was placed by Jacob at my current job, and I have been extremely happy with my experience. Jacob is an excellent recruiter with a deep understanding of the job market. He was able to quickly identify my skills and…

Justin Stovall, VP of Global Sales, Barry-Wehmiller

“Cherie is an excellent communicator and one of the very best in the recruiting space. She is a trusted partner with a deep understanding of the packaging and material handling space. I highly recommend Cherie and the team at DRI.”

Peter Evans, President, Laser Photonics Corporation

“Cherie is a true professional who places her client’s needs above all else. I had the joy of meeting Cherie through a colleague recommendation, and she quickly went to work for me to find a new position. Because of the…

Ken Tinnell, President, CRG Automation

“Cherie is a professional in all senses of the word. Making the difficult appear easy, making the complicated simple and turning impossible barriers into small bumps. Cherie and the great folks she leads at DRI know the packaging industry very…

G.H. – Candidate

“I quit my job with no backup plan. Usually a foolish decision, but I found Jacob in my corner. In under a month, he found me a new role with significantly better pay and benefits. I am loving the new…

J.V.T – Candidate

“Jacob was great to work with and on top of each step in the process. His communication skills are great and he followed through on each one of his commitments to me.”

M.B.F – Candidate

“I truly enjoyed working with Jacob. He is extremely detail-oriented and does a great job at representing the role and the company. He truly takes the time to research the company and candidate. He made himself available nights and weekends…

A.B. – Candidate

“Jacob and his team all worked together to place me in a role that was not only a good fit professionally but also personally. I was not looking when I was approached but the position ended up being such a…

L.L. – Candidate

“Loved Ben he was super easy to talk to and really knowledgeable. Tons of follow up! I loved that the feedback was quick and to the point.”

A.Z. – Candidate

“Justin was great in helping me prepare for the interview process with Citel and every step after. DRI worked hand in hand to bring my best side out to the client at every step.”

T.M. – Candidate

“Jacob was very personable and always respectful of my time. He always made sure I was prepared for my interviews and stayed in touch every step of the way with updates when they were available. I had a great experience…

Yasmina Carrasco, HR Manager, Prosur

“Rachel and the team at Direct Recruiters helped us finding the right candidate. She is dedicated, professional and hard worker. I would recommend her as a recruiter to anyone.”

Mark Johnson, Executive Vice President, iCEV

“All candidates were qualified or over qualified. DRI provided solid options. They are always on top of each project, persistent in a good way. We are all really busy and their consistent follow up is helpful. We have worked with…

Sara Kelly, Quality Assurance Manager, NuTrail

“Rachel was an excellent recruiter. she went above and beyond at handling my position. She was professional, informative, and made me feel confident.”

Oliver Munoz, Talent Acquisition Leader, Olam Food Ingredients

“Rachel and team did a phenomenal job identifying a candidate for a critical role for ofi that had been open for over a year. She went above and beyond to ensure weekly updates were provided and provided clear insights about…

Eric Hutchison, Engineering Manager at Grote Company

“I had the opportunity to work with DRI for my current role after being in my previous role for many years. Rachel and the DRI team were a pleasure to work with and very supportive for someone who hadn’t done…

Pablo Ruiz, Plant Manager, California Custom Fruits & Flavors, Inc.

“If I told you that when Rachel reached out to me about an opportunity, would you believe it changed my life? It did. She was a total professional throughout the entire process and made it seem effortless. I could not…

Flemming Scott, HR Manager – ITW Food Equipment Group LLC

“I have worked with Rachel at DRI for about two years in which we have had three placements through DRI’s services. Rachel is a very approachable recruiter and contact. She coordinates the efforts on DRI’s side to find talent and…

Brad Reifschneider, Sales Manager – Gemini Bakery Equipment Company/KB Systems

‘Incredibly efficient’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Rachel.” I had the pleasure of working with Rachel during her search to find the perfect candidate for a Regional Sales Manager opportunity in the Foodservice Bakery…

D.M. – Candidate

“Aaron was very professional, timely, informed and pleasant to work with.”

Tom St. Lawrence, President, American Holt Corp.

“As we worked together, DRI got a better understanding and presented better candidates. I worked primarily with Jim who was pleasant and very quick to follow up and provide any information needed.”

Harry Piligian, Sales Director – Bizerba USA

“I have been working with Direct Recruiters for about 15 years now, starting with Dan Charney and now Cherie Shepard. The transition of working with Dan to Cherie was seamless; Cherie picked up the standard that Dan had established and…

S.G. – Client

“Great experience, right certifications, and excellent real-world work experience as an application analyst. Frank was in constant communication and focused on making sure the transition was handled smoothly. Appreciate his support! All of the candidates were well qualified and a…

Jon-Michial Carter, Co-Founder & CEO, Chartspan Medical Technologies

“I’m consistently delighted with the quality of candidates Mike Silverstein and his team deliver to us. DRI’s team earnestly stays on top of the search process and effectively communicates each critical step. Love them.”

M.D. – Client

“Working with recruiting firms in the past, DRI has been my best experience. The quality of candidates were very high and the folks that have joined us have been excellent so far.”

L.C. – Candidate

“Good experience! The teams helped me in all the different steps of the process. They answered my questions and gave me goods tips. The DRI team provided good service and were always available!”

A.Z. – Candidate

“Jacob listened to the goals I had as a sales executive and was able to make sure that I found a role that fit those requirements. Jacob and the rest of the team at DRI were always attentive and able…

S.H. – Candidate

“I reached out to Brad after an unfortunate layoff and he got to work right away! He referred me to Brett and both came to the table with several incredible offers over a very short period of time. Brett ended…

B.T. – Candidate

“The entire process was a very good experience. Working with Steve was a joy! The entire staff at DRI are professional, great communicators and helpful with navigating the entire interview and selection process. I would highly recommend DRI.”

R.I. – Client

“I have had multiple experiences with DRI and they are consistent and response. For this particular search, all involved parties were actively managing the selection process. Multiple follow ups were also conducted while staying within script of the agreed upon…

P.C. – Candidate

“I highly recommend Daniel as your new career change partner! He is extremely professional and very proficient. I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with him and received his advice while hunting new career opportunities. Thanks…

A.S. – Candidate

“Daniel is focused and patient, it was a pleasure working with him through my critical decision-making process. His professional attitude and personable demeanor provide him the right level of confidence. Daniel provided advice at every step of the journey helping…

S.C. – Candidate

“Having worked with a recruiter in the past with negative results, I was naturally skeptical when Daniel Kramer reached out to me with an opportunity which ultimately resulted in the best move of my career. From day one, Daniel was…

C.A. – Candidate

“Daniel helped me find an amazing job. He asked very detailed questions so that he knew my personality and skills would fit the position. He is very friendly and personable and checked on me the entire way. He was always…

J.G. – Candidate

“Though I was not actively seeking new employment at the time, I first became acquainted with Megan via LI where she directly engaged with me regarding some viable job opportunities that aligned with my profile. In my experience, gross assumptions…

D.N. – Client

“I really appreciate the partnership we’ve had with Norm, Tyler, and Mitch over the years. They take the time to really know our company, culture, and the roles – this helps them truly deliver the right value prop to the…

C.J. – Candidate

“I highly recommend Stephen Benson and Direct Recruiters, Inc. From the first time he reached out to me through the offer, he was so personable, professional, and his follow up was awesome! He is a real class act. Thank you…

S.Y. – Candidate

“Amber was great! She responded quickly. I referred friends over to her that also were placed in jobs in a timely manner. She shows she cares and is very great at her job! I have worked with other 3rd party…

C.D. – Candidate

“Ben essentially received me as a lead from Steve Benson and got right to work getting to know me, my goals, and what attributes I was looking for in my next employer. He quickly surfaced the opportunity that I was…

T.K. – Client

“David and John really seemed to understand our business and needs for the position, so they didn’t just throw candidates at us to see what sticks like most recruiters. We saw far fewer candidates and had a far quicker recruitment…

K.M. – Candidate

“Steve was with me every step of the way. He provided thorough responses to my questions and checked in regularly to see how things were progressing. Overall experience was excellent. Steve was always available and ready to jump in to…

C.T. – Candidate

“Great attention to detail, follow up cadence and coaching! I’ve been in contact with Recruiter Firms many times during my career, but I must tell you, DRI and Jessica Marino are at a higher level! Name it interaction, follow up…

M.A. – Candidate

“Steve was highly responsive and worked to get me into a role that matched my career goals after taking the time to understand what they were. Prep sessions prior to interviews made sure I knew who I was going to…

K.V. – Candidate

“Chelsea was super proactive and responsive throughout the whole process. She was very direct and professional, yet patient with listening to my thoughts and provided great advice. I really enjoyed working with her and the whole experience. Of course, I’m…

Jeremy Bryan, Account Executive, symplr

“Megan reached out to me and I will be forever grateful. DRI has directly contributed to my personal and professional success and has a partner/customer in me for life. Megan presented me with a few outstanding opportunities and was tenacious…

J.D. – Client

“DRI does an excellent job and Tom & Team cover a lot of ground. We have a great partnership. We have a very strong partnership with Tom Clark and his team.”

N.M. – Candidate

“I was very satisfied at how professional Ben was and how knowledgeable he was of the company and my background as it related to the company needs.”

J.S. – Candidate

‘Aaron was professional and had friendly communication throughout the placement process. DRI matched my experience and talents with the perfect position within a company that is very desirable to work for.”

J.P. – Candidate

“Tyler was quick to respond to any inquiries and always followed up after an interview or conversation with a prospective company promptly. Tyler and Norm helped walk me through the negotiation process, providing direction, information, and frank discussion when needed.…

R.B. – Candidate

“Trevor was so easy to talk to. He took the time to know as much as he could could the position and company. I felt he cared that I was well prepared for the position. He texted and called appropriately…

S.S – Candidate

“Trevor was great at explaining, following through and supporting me all the way through the process. Trevor was exceptional and I would highly recommend working with him for great success. Thank you Trevor!”

L.C. – Candidate

“Tim was incredibly helpful throughout the process, communicative about each step along the way, and in general made applying for my position painless.”

R.W. – Candidate

“Can’t recommend Steve enough. He helped me find, apply, and secure a new role that fit exactly what I was looking for. Very responsive and always a phone call away through the whole process.”

Jon-Michial Carter, Founder & Chief Growth Officer, ChartSpan Medical

“Over the years I’ve worked with numerous firms.  There are so many, it can be challenging to differentiate the differences.  However, there is one that stands out above all others….DRI.  When they get an assignment, they prepare and assess to…

J.L. – Client

“DRI is always very professional and helpful in finding and securing top talent. I have especially enjoyed working with Ben Shamis and Norman Volsky. Great communication throughout the process – helped us get through hurdles! Really enjoy the experience with…

Kurt Hammond, President, eMed

“So far you’ve been excellent. I have had a ton of great candidates sent my way and I feel like you’re on top of it more so than other recruiters I’ve worked with.”

L.K. – Candidate

“Mitchell did a great job of setting me up for success. I would highly recommend and refer Mitchell over to anyone looking to make a job change.”

C.A. – Candidate

“Daniel was very thorough and had excellent communication skills. Had my best interest in mind. Very honest and open communication. Always available for a phone call.”

R.K. – Candidate

“Marah was extremely helpful through out the entirety of the process. Her kindness, professionalism and knowledge of the new company’s culture helped guide me into this incredible new opportunity.”

C.N. – Candidate

“I had a great experience working with DRi because of Ben. He is very good at what he does. Ben adapted to the method and cadence of communication that worked best for me while making sure his client got what…

M.D. – Candidate

“Rachel called and presented a potential opportunity to me when I wasn’t actively looking… But she worked very hard to help me understand the opportunity, and placed me in an excellent company. She was consistent, reliable, and honest in her…

C.F. – Candidate

“Stephen was fantastic throughout the entirety of my recruitment and hiring process. He was very communicative and informative during each step. He came to every conversation with insights and helpful suggestions. Stephen made this a stress free transition. I hope…

Matt Nemeth, Director of Sales, E+E Elektronik Corp

“DRI provided regular updates regarding their search along with candidate resumes. We were able to collaborate on a regular basis to ensure the right candidates were being targeted. This helped find the right candidate quickly. I have worked with DRI…

T.R. – Client

“Its a tough marker tight now and while there was not a surplus of candidates, the candidate that were presented were very good. I have worked with DRI twice and have been very happen with the results. They are professional…

Kurt Hammond, President, eMed

“Brett and Team are great at what they do…very thorough, engaged and solid follow up, working towards the end goal of finding the right fit. Appreciate the work we are doing together and continuing to fight the battle of finding…

K.J. – Candidate

“Rachel and Daniel continue to be an EXCELLENT resource! Very organized, helpful, and truly going to bat for me. I love them! Outstanding experience with DRI! “

M.B., VP of Sales

“Most candidates were truly actively looking and in some form of our industry. Joel did a great job of keeping us informed and really aided in the validation of the offer with the candidate. Overall, it was very professional.”

J.H. – Candidate

“Steve helped connect me to a great opportunity as an Engineering Leader for a growing healthcare startup. Beyond the initial connection, Steve was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. He communicated clearly and promptly. He provided excellent insights on the…

Jeffrey Spitzer, Chief Operating Officer, GBI Intralogistics Solutions

“Nick Saddleton was great to work with! I am very satisfied with our new hire and DRI was a pleasure to work with from beginning to end.”

S.B. – Candidate

“Ben was very helpful throughout the hiring/interview process. Ben and Mitchell owned the negotiation process on my behalf. I would recommend the DRI team to anyone looking for a career change!”

M.H. – Candidate

“Dan was awesome! Kept in regular touch with me the whole process. Wasn’t pushy, very kind and supportive. I would recommend Dan Miller and DRI to anyone looking to change careers.”

H.L.S. – Candidate

“Aaron was excellent to work with. His communication was off the charts in professionalism and consistency. Recruiters can sometimes have a reputation for being very transactional. Aaron kept me in the loop from the beginning and was thorough enough to…

Andy Sharma, Chief Revenue Officer, Sensely

“I have had the pleasure of working with Steve for the past six months. He is an exceptional HR professional with a deep understanding of the healthcare startup ecosystem. He was instrumental in finding the perfect match for me and…

Sean Middleton, Chief Technology Officer, Navia Benefit Solutions, Inc.

“Stephen is a great recruiter. I had never gone through an outsourced executive recruiting process prior to my working with Stephen. He will guide you through every step of the process and help talk you through negotiations and provide guidance…

Tom Malloy, Automation & Robotics Solutions, Bluebay Automation

“The candidate Dave found is a perfect fit for the position. Dave was in constant contact through the hiring process. Excellent job by Dave and DRI to fill several positions at BlueBay. BlueBay has several more positions to fill by the…

Matthew Hanis, VP of Strategy, Medchat

“DRI has been a great partner in helping us expand our sales and marketing teams. They listen carefully, bring great candidates, and add value throughout the process. I highly recommend DRI as a search partner to rapidly fill roles with…

L.S. – Candidate

“Dan lined me up for an opportunity that ended up being my dream job! Dan was outstanding. 11/10.”

G.C. – Candidate

“Steve was an amazing resource in finding my new position. From interview prep, to working through the offer process, to accepting the offer, to starting the new position, Steve was always proactively reaching out and making sure the process was…

Kerry O’Halloran, Contract Paralegal, LaserShip, Inc.

“Shawna is amazing! She was helpful, engaged, friendly, and professional. Shawna provided me guidance where needed and was always quick to answer my questions. I had some specific needs/wants for my next position and she made sure that all were…

Clay Davis, VP, Stouse, LLC

“Dan Miller is the consummate professional and always a great experience for our team. “

S.S. – Candidate

“I’ve known Joel for several years. He is persistent with his communication and made the transition over to my new company flawless. Great experience!”

Shermin Fernandes, Solution Consultant, Korber Supply Chain

“DRI was a pleasure to work with, they have quality professionals working that help and guide you during the hiring process. Ben is a professional at his job. Always communicated all details and kept me informed during the process.”

R.S. – Candidate

“Jim was great. Process was quick and Jim prepared me well. Jim was awesome to work with and was responsive to my needs. Overall, very positive and Jim did a great job!”

K.A. – Candidate

“Very recently had the opportunity to work with Stephen on new career opportunities. Stephen made the entire job hunting and vetting process not only easy, but enjoyable! I highly recommend contacting Stephen if you are looking to make a change…

R.L – Candidate

“Working with Dan and Dave on a career move was the best thing I could have done. They both have great communication skills. I spoke with Dan continuously – he was always available and assisted throughout the entire process.”

Rushit Patel, Network Engineer, Stryker Networks

‘Working with Jay was a great experience. Through every step of the way, Jay was there to lead me through and offer advice to negotiate a deal that both the client and I were happy with. 10/10 great experience!”

Anthony Santiago, Litigation Associate, Gallagher Sharp

“Shawna was extremely communicative, always available, and provided great insight. She worked on my schedule and not the other way around. If you need help finding your next opportunity, I highly recommend Shawna.”

Mark McGrath, VP of Sales, Glytec

“Brett found the opportunity and prepared me for it. Brett was outstanding and was there each step of the way preparing me for each interview. A 10/10 experience!”

Stefan Spruill, Regional Sales Director, HealthMark Group

“Megan was extremely helpful and supportive! DRI made things easy – I loved the phone communication as a primary instead of email. Much more personal!”

John Cannon, Clinical Sales Director, VisualDx

“Brett provided excellent communication through the entire process. Through each and every step, Brett was there providing support. Truly a 10 out of 10 experience working with DRI!”

Liza Duncan, VP of Sales, Cloudmed

“Steve was very personable and always on top of reaching out on opportunities and prepping for opportunities. Steve was wonderful to work with and I have recommended him to others and would use him to hire people as well. “

K.C. – Candidate

“Mitchell immediately showed the depth of his network and his expertise in the employee benefits space. He was responsive, attentive and proactive throughout our engagement and worked hard to maximize my outcome. Should the need arise again, I will definitely…

David Johns, Managing Partner, Appalachian Pharm Processing

“Max was terrific! He provided many great candidates. I am very satisfied with Direct Recruiters work and I definitely recommend Max and the rest of the DRI team to others.”

J.R. – Client

“This particular search had challenging requirements from an experience perspective but they were met with good results overall. Aaron and the DRI team were fantatstic! There was plenty of communication, adjustment when necessary and follow up in a timely manner.…

J.S. – Candidate

“If you’re looking for a career change, Tim Sullen is THE recruiter. Throughout every step of the process, I was well informed and well prepared for every facet of the process. No detail was ever skipped over or forgotten. Tim…

Lisa Soltz, VP of Implementation Services, Quil

“Steve reached out to me on LinkedIn and ask set up a quick introductory chat. I was just at the start of thinking about what might be next in my career, and I didn’t expect much beyond a chance to…

Kabir Gulati, VP of Product, CanceIQ

“I am very appreciative of Steve’s guidance and perspective through my job search process. Steve really understood not only what doors my experience would open but also how to position myself for those that I desired to open. Even better,…

Liza Duncan, VP of Sales, Cloudmed

“Steve was fantastic to work with. His prep, follow through and awareness of the opportunities and industry was on point. If you are looking for a great company and recruiter, I highly recommend Steve and Direct Recruiters!”

K.W. – Candidate

“Maria and Jason from the DRI team were a great help during my job search! They listened and paid attention to my wants and needs and not just the client. In the end, it was a comprehensive placement. Maria and…

J.Z. – Client

“Direct Recruiters provided a variety of excellent candidates for review. Aaron and the rest of his team consistently followed up and were very thorough. Overall, great work! Aaron is fantastic.”

J.A. – Candidate

“Mitchell is personable, responsive, and knowledgeable about digital health and the industry. Working with him was a 10 out of 10 experience. Mitchell is wonderful, and I truly appreciate his experience with health technology that helped me land my dream…

J.S. – Candidate

“Working with Direct Recruiters was a 10 out of 10 experience. From the first interview to final negotiations, Dan Miller was with me every step of the way and made sure I was well prepared. Thanks, Dan!”

N.Z. – Candidate

“Michael and his colleagues/partners provided exemplary service for my obtaining a position with Capsule Tech. Their expertise in selection of one of the best companies in USA/Globe for me which matched my skills and desires – outstanding! Thank you Mike!!”

C.B. – Candidate

“Over the past few weeks, I reached out to many recruiters via email seeking out new marketing opportunities and thankfully Michael Silverstein was one of the few who responded with unconditional service to help me. He accepted the task of…

J.G. – Candidate

“I can’t recommend Kasey enough – she was there for me every step of the way, and completely changed my life! I couldn’t have asked for placement into a better company, or for a better partner than Kasey in helping…

A.P. – Candidate

“Kasey reached out to me about a position she was recruiting for. From the first conversation I could tell how genuine and caring she was about finding the right candidate for this opportunity. She took the time to answer a…

A.J. – Candidate

“Kasey was wonderful to work with. I never felt like she was shoehorning me into a position that wasn’t a good fit like I have felt with other recruiters. She was an excellent advocate, but also made sure my expectations…

Dan Nardi, Chief Operating Officer, Carrum Health

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Norm and his team over the past few years and can say, without a doubt, that they are the best in the business. The network that Norm has established within the digital health…

Edward Daley, Senior VP of Global Sales, Quit Genius

“Norm and his team have been great partners in our search for high quality talent in the digital health space. Highly responsive, extremely detailed in their overview of candidates, and strategic in who they propose for interviews. We have had…

M.B. – Candidate

“Tyler is seriously ahead of the game when it comes to recruitment, especially in the Digital Health space. He is kind, thoughtful, and actually cares about both the companies & the candidates he’s working with. Within 5 minutes of our…

K.K. – Candidate

“If you are looking for an incredible digital health recruiter, look no further than Tyler! I’ve been contacted by a lot of recruiters over the years, but Tyler stands out as the best. He has great instincts, is attentive to…

Sam Williams, Director of Market Development, eMed Digital Healthcare

“Brad is the epitome of a professional and offers a great deal of expertise for the recruitment process. Brad is skilled at matching candidates with appropriate opportunities, and does a great job communicating and coaching candidates along the way. I…

J Joseph Hickey, VP of Sales West, ABOUT

“Brad is a terrific recruiter to collaborate with. Responsive and knowledgeable, Brad understands the market and has a deep rolodex of industry resources. He stays focused on the big picture and works hard on your behalf to ensure your skill…

Anne Roll, Customer Relationship Executive, CipherHealth

“I’ve worked with Brad over the years as both a client and candidate and he is an outstanding recruiter. I reached out earlier this year and, with his assistance, I had an offer within 2 weeks. Brad knows his clients,…

A.B. – Candidate

“Brad made the process of finding employment easy! He found me an awesome opportunity and I am extremely grateful for his hard work and dedication. He was always extremely responsive throughout the process and easy to talk to. I strongly…

Jim Sides, Director of Business Development, MDClone

“Brad and the Mike Silverstein on DRI team were great to work with! The hiring process went smoothly and easily. Thanks DRI!”

M.C. – Candidate

“Making a career change is difficult enough, and the process can be even more difficult if you don’t work with someone who actually cares. I worked with several recruiters over my career and Brad is the best. Brad, unlike any…

M.B. – Candidate

“I recently worked with Bradley on a new opportunity. He was very professional yet had an excellent down to earth approach to working together. I am very impressed with Bradley and the team he manages. Highly recommended.”

C.B. – Candidate

“Very professional! Has great contacts and can put you into a new career quickly and he is more worried about you then himself. I highly recommend him!”

M.S. – Candidate

“Very professional! Has great contacts and can put you into a new career quickly and he is more worried about you then himself. I highly recommend him!”

E.I. – Candidate

“Brad is wonderful to work with, and has exceptional expertise in recruiting in the healthcare industry. “Genuine expert” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of Brad. I’ve been impressed by Brad’s responsiveness and attention to detail.…

F.D. – Candidate

“I recently worked with Brad during a transition in positions. From the beginning Brad was professional, proactive, and most importantly effective at securing introductions for me based on my areas of focus. At all times he kept me informed of…

D.B. – Candidate

“After a realignment, I unexpectedly entered the job market again. I took my job search seriously, spending 8 hours a day searching LinkedIn and posting for jobs. Fortunately, I was introduced to Brad through a close business contact. Brad was…

S.R. – Candidate

“Over the years, I have gotten quite a few messages from recruiters looking to assist me, and it is hard to tell who is “for real,” and who is just kicking tires with the hope of having anyone respond. When…

S.N. – Candidate

“Zach was a pleasure to work with and made the recruiting process as well as the transition to my new position seamless and stress free. Thank you Zach!”

P.H. – Candidate

“I was lucky enough to get connected to and work with Jillian this past year. Jillian was attentive, extremely responsive, and listened to my qualifications and ultimately my goals. We were able to vet my goals and qualifications and match…

M.S. – Candidate

“Jillian was a pleasure to work with. She was very attentive and professional, keeping me up to speed on everything going on while working through the interview/hiring process. Although I hope to never need her services again as I’d like…

D.V. – Candidate

“I had the pleasure to work with Jillian as I pursued and prepared for my current healthcare technology sales position. Jillian is a top-notch recruiter with an exceptional ability and desire to match people with the right roles and companies…

E.H.W. – Candidate

“I was fortunate with work with Jillian this past year on my next chapter job search. She was extremely responsive, knowledgeable on the prospects and great resource for me through the process. I would highly working with Jillian and their…

D.M. – Candidate

“I was recruited by Jillian at Direct Recruiters in mid-2019 for my role with Commercial Asset Preservation. In my career I had worked with a couple of recruiters and found that for the most part, their role was to make…

E.P. – Candidate

“Andrew helped me during my job search to obtain multiple offers. Why would you want to work with this guy? I’ll tell you. If you want to feel like you’re dealing with a down-to-earth human being: talk to Andrew. If…

M.A. – Candidate

“I have had the pleasure of speaking with Andrew multiple times. He is a unique recruiter who has an extensive experience in healthcare sector. As a former data scientist, Andrew has an outstanding ability to match candidates’ skills and past…

R.D. – Candidate

“I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Andrew couple of times, and of all the recruiters I’ve talked to I’ve never met someone who leads conversations with empathy than him. He took time to get to know me and my…

K.P. – Candidate

“Robert was an amazing recruiter and helped me land my next career! He was professional and his follow up and passion are excellent. I would highly recommend Robert as your next recruiter!”

B.B. – Candidate

“Megan reached out to me a couple months ago about an opportunity and unfortunately it didn’t work out. She was persistent and kept submitting me for other roles, until finally I received a job offer from a great company. She…

M.H. – Candidate

“I worked with Megan on a recent job change and could not have been happier with the experience. The interviews she arranged were all appropriate to my experience and the position I was seeking. She facilitated every step of the…

H.H. – Candidate

“Megan was thorough and diligent, and made the interview process easy to manage, and exciting. If you are looking for a role inside the healthcare-technology field I would highly recommend working with Megan. Her resources and skills helped me find…

Greg Maxey, VP of Government Programs, Agfa HealthCare North America

“Of all the recruiters that have reached out to me, Bret was the most professional I’ve talked to. He did his homework and knew me. He knew the role he was trying to fill. All that matters as we don’t…

D.L. – Candidate

“Brett was a phenomenal help in helping me find a e great job with an awesome company that was a great fit for me. He kept me in the loop and met with me every step of the way to…

C.R. – Candidate

“I recently have had the pleasure of working with Brett on an opportunity that will open doors for a new chapter in my professional career. While this experience can sometimes frustrating and frightening, I was able to feel confident in…

M.B. – Candidate

“I recently worked with Brett on a new opportunity. Brett worked diligently to determine the “best fit” for me at the organizations we reviewed. Brett was in constant contact and provided feedback on the process and the best approach to…