Direct Recruiters provides customized solutions for organizations looking for top talent within the supply chain management sector.  Our types of search include:
Our team is dedicated to sourcing, identifying, acquiring, and retaining top performing professionals to elevate the success of our clients' organizations.

One of the most important elements of your business is how your parts and products reach their destination. To be competitive, your Supply Chain must maximize efficiency in order to decrease time and cost.  You also need the right executive talent in place.

Direct Recruiters, Inc. is well-positioned to respond to your Supply Chain talent needs. For 35 years, we have been specialists in sourcing, identifying, acquiring and retaining key Supply Chain professionals who help organizations succeed in today’s fast paced and demanding business environment.

The need to fill Supply Chain roles span across our numerous practice areas and vertical markets.  We have a proven track record of delivering experienced executives that can improve your Supply Chain efficiency so you can better serve your clients and customers.

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