Automated-PackagingAutomated Packaging Equipment

Finding leaders with the technical skills and attitude needed for working in the automated packaging equipment industry can be difficult, as is retaining those workers once companies have found them. Increased automation means fewer workers, but they must have higher skills. Direct Recruiters specializes in assisting clients through our industry-specific concentration within Automated Packaging Equipment—filling key positions and building successful teams for the top 5% of companies in the industry. Learn more >

Automation-Sensors-_-ControlsAutomation & Industrial Technology

The Automation Sensors & Controls industry relies heavily on industrial and electrical automation, factory automation, and sensors and controls. Therefore, businesses must be confident that they are placing their search for top talent in capable hands. We deliver qualified HMI, Allen-Bradley, Rockwell and Siemens PLC candidates, factory automation engineers and managers quickly and professionally. Learn more >

Consumer Technologies pdfConsumer & Professional Technologies

The growth of the Consumer & Professional Technologies Industry can be attributed to many factors such as the increasing demands of consumers for convenience, comfort, entertainment, safety, and energy savings.  The DRI team has a uniquely thorough understanding of the industry and current job market. On a daily basis, we are in contact with executive management and hiring authorities to match high-impact talent to mission-critical positions.  Learn more >

 CCTV camera or surveillance operating in air portElectronic Security Technology

With society’s ever growing need for electronic security at airports, government agencies, banking, commercial areas, utilities, university campuses, and healthcare facilities, there has been tremendous growth in the Electronic Security Technology industry. Companies that are able to attract, recruit and acquire the best talent will lead the industry. Learn more >

再生可能エネルギー イメージ写真Energy & Sustainability 

The Energy & Sustainability industry has an incredible potential to create jobs and new opportunities in technology never seen before. Big growth opportunities are in the markets of Energy & Sustainability as well as Energy Efficiency, Building Automation, HVAC/R, and Energy Services. Those companies that have the ability to attract and recruit the best talent will lead the pack in these industry sectors. Learn more >

Extruder of polyethylene for process production of plastic bags

Flexible Packaging

Flexible Packaging is the fastest growing segment in the Packaging Industry. In fact, analysts forecast that the Flexible Packaging market in North America will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.95% over the next 4 years. In order to navigate the high growth of the Flexible Packaging industry, your company will need a solid base of the right employees and executives to keep pace and stay competitive. Learn More >

Food & Beverage Processing

DRI’s Food & Beverage Processing practice area has placed industry-specific executive talent at leading companies. Our extensive network of industry contacts along with our proprietary sourcing techniques allows our Food & Beverage Processing recruiters to deliver the best slate of executive level candidates including C-Suite, VPs, Directors and Senior Managers.  Learn More>>

Food-ProcessingFood Processing Equipment

Advances in technology are being credited for big growth in the Food Equipment Industry. Direct Recruiters’ extensive network of industry contacts along with our proprietary sourcing techniques allows our food equipment recruiters to deliver the best slate of executive level candidates. Learn more >

Food Service Equipment

Direct Recruiters utilizes our extensive network of industry contacts along with our proprietary sourcing techniques to deliver key talent to the Food Service Equipment Industry. We specialize in executive search, recruiting, placement and consulting solutions for Food Service Equipment Manufacturers, Suppliers and Distributors. DRI works with companies of all sizes to produce the best slate of executive level candidates including C-Suite, VP’s, Directors and Senior Managers. Learn More>

Public-Safety,-Public-Sector-_-Federal-ITGovernment Technology

Direct Recruiters specializes in the recruitment of individuals for companies that sell technology solutions, hardware and software services, into the Public Safety, Public Sector and Federal markets. We recognize the changes that are taking place in these industries and have the knowledge, resources, and talent to help clients move forward and keep pace. Learn more >

Doctor hand working with laptop computer in medical workspace office as conceptHealthcare IT

Information technology is changing the healthcare industry at a rapid pace and never has the demand been so high for dynamic, experienced and effective leaders. Direct Recruiters helps healthcare IT software vendors align talent strategies with business strategies through Healthcare IT executive placement services. Learn more >

Health Plan/Payer PracticeHealth-Plan-Payer-Practice

Throughout the Healthcare industry, payers and providers are collaborating for a push to value-based care as opposed to fee-for-service to improve patient care. The alignment of Payers and Providers hold both parties accountable for risk and technology eases the burden of alignment with tools for clinical, economical and administrative collaboration. Direct Recruiters specializes in finding top talent for Healthcare IT software vendors working with health plans, payers, TPAs, employers and health and wellness organizations. Learn more >

HR Solutions Group

Direct Recruiters HR Solutions Group provides retained, contingency and temporary solutions for organizations looking for top human resources talent. Our team is dedicated to sourcing, identifying, acquiring, and retaining top performing professionals to elevate the success of our clients' organizations. Direct Recruiters HR Solutions recruiters and researchers are consistently in contact with an extensive network of HR professionals across each of our practice areas. Learn more >


Top industry companies rely on Direct Recruiters for the best professionals in the consulting engineering, HVAC/R, mechanical contracting, temperature controls, and energy services industries, including Sales, Sales Engineers, National Sales, Performance Contracting, OEM Sales, and more. Learn more >

Cyber Attack A01IT Security/Cybersecurity

Corporate knowledge and data are the most important assets of any organization. Companies must ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their data in order to survive and succeed in today’s competitive environment. That means you need the best IT and Cyber Security talent to help you face the ever changing challenges of maintaining privacy, meeting security standards, reducing risks and supporting the availability of systems and sensitive data. Learn more >

Miami, Florida, USA - June 1, 2015: Selection of brand name groceries. In full view are SPAM meat, Libby's Viena sausages, Pompeian Olive Oil, Heinz brand Tomato Ketchup, Bubble Bee Tuna, Tostitos Salsa, Chez Boyardee Spaghetti and meat balls. Other products are partially visible in the background.This is a collection of some of the basic staples found in many American kitchens. Other brands includes Kirkland, Quaker Oats, Pomi,Aunt Jemima, Kraft,Hunt's,and International delight.


Our Label and Narrow Web practice provides top talent throughout the industry’s value stream. We work on searches and with candidates in several markets including substrates, inks, adhesives, printers, printing equipment, application equipment, etc. A competitive environment requires a comprehensive search process to find the best talent.  Learn more >

Legal Solutions Group

Direct Recruiters Legal Solutions Group provides retained, contingency and temporary solutions for both law firms and legal departments. Our dedicated team of search professionals understands the ever-changing needs of our clients. Learn more > 

Business people collaborating with doctors. African American businessman shaking hands with a male doctor. [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url]

Life Sciences

The Life Sciences industry and the worlds of clinical research, safety, pharmacovigilance, software, and services continue to experience tremendous change on a daily basis, and the ability to attract and retain top talent will be critical to the success of your team and organization. Learn more >

Material-HandlingMaterial Handling Equipment

As the manufacturing sector continues to grow and rapidly change we are adapting our recruiting approaches accordingly. Our expertise in Material Handling includes sourcing and acquiring talent specifically for high level positions focusing on equipment, software and integration. Learn more >

Military-Leadership-ExcellenceMilitary Leadership Excellence

Organizations need proven leaders who can handle a fierce and competitive environment. Direct Recruiters’ military recruiters acquire candidates with military, leadership, and corporate experience who are just the answer. Learn more >

Military-TransitionMilitary Transition

Direct Recruiters assists highly skilled military personnel to transition from military service to excellent civilian careers. We appreciate the impeccable qualities that former military candidates will bring to your organization. Learn more >

Mobile Healthcare IT

Direct Recruiters specializes in recruiting, staffing, search and consulting solutions for the Mobile Healthcare IT and Healthcare Information Technology (IT) Industries. We deliver qualified candidates quickly and professionally.  Learn more >

Industrial plastic granulesPlastics Industry

In order to survive in today’s business environment and continue to be competitive and thrive in the Plastics industry, your company will need a solid base of the right employees and executives to keep pace and continue the planned growth of your company. Learn more >

Food-ProcessingPharmaceutical Processing Equipment 

The Pharmaceutical Industry is one of the largest and most crucial sectors of our economy and is currently experiencing many changes and exponential growth. As new drugs are developed, manufactured and introduced in the market, the need for skilled professionals continues to increase. The DRI team of recruiters are experts at locating and landing executive talent that match the exact skills, abilities and personality that align with your firm. Learn more >


Oxford University suggests that almost ½ of all job categories could be automated within the next 20 years. We understand that now more than ever, your company will require professionals with specific automation skill sets and proven track records. Learn more >

Successful business man working in a warehouse and looking at the camera smiling - trading concepts

Supply Chain & Logistics

Our team of seasoned supply chain & logistics recruiters understands the pressures of this niche. We take the time to comprehend your specific business and talent needs. Clients benefit from our proven track record, passion for the industry, and tenacious drive to present the best slate of candidates possible. Learn more >

 automotive-techVehicle Technology

As one of the most important economic sectors by revenue, the Automotive industry today continues to incorporate advanced technologies, creating a variety of career paths and positions across many disciplines.  Our goal is to help organizations within the industry to find the talent required to fill these positions for sustainable long-term growth. We build relationships with Vehicle Technology clients to fully understand which candidates will be the best cultural and organizational fit. Learn more >

Water Technology

Advanced technologies are transforming water treatment processes all over the world. Water/Waste Water treatment facilities today rely heavily on automated control systems for pumping, monitoring, filtering, and analyzing in order to increase productivity, quality, and cost reduction. Water Technology is driven by efficiency and our goal is to apply that same principle to your specific search for top talent. We streamline the overall hiring process, making it easier and faster, while keeping you informed every step of the way. Learn more >

dca-primary-logo-alternate-d-meekerDRI's Sister Company, DCA

For organizations seeking a trusted IT partner, Direct Consulting Associates (DCA) is the relationship-focused IT staffing firm that assists clients with recruiting, acquiring and retaining high impact IT talent for mission-critical positions. DCA uses a quality-focused approach to deliver service and is networked to the highest-caliber of IT professionals in the market. DCA helps our clients successfully plan, build, and run their critical IT initiatives.  Learn more >