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Direct Recruiters, Inc. is a U.S. operations recruiting and search firm, who makes placements of  operations professionals into leadership roles like Chief Operations Officer, VP of Operations, Operations Manager, Director of Operations, Director of Global Operations, Operations Associate and Operations Specialist. We work across the United States, serving small to mid-sized organizations across verticals such as manufacturing, healthcare IT, supply chain, logistics, security, packaging, plastics, material handling, automation, food, energy and HVAC. Direct Recruiters operations headhunters offer contingency, retained and contract staffing services for organizations looking for leading operations professionals. For operations executive search and operations recruiting assistance, placement assistance or to be considered for an operations job, please contact our operations executive search specialist, Tom Clark at or 440-996-0874.
Our types of search include:

Operations Recruiters and Executive Search

Operations management teams' main goal is to use business practices to create a high level of efficiency within their organizations while maximizing profits. DRI operations recruiters and operations executive search specialists are well-versed and experienced in operations management practices within a variety of verticals, and have placed impactful leaders into high level operations roles. While operations management is normally concerned with planning and organizing production and manufacturing, DRI's operations executive search specialists place professionals across the entire supply chain. Our operations recruiting firm places candidates in major US cities like Boston, NYC, DC, Chicago, San Francisco and more.

Operations Roles DRI Recruiters Place

  • Chief Operations Officer (COO)
  • VP of Operations
  • Operations Manager
  • Director of Global Operations
  • Director of Operations
  • Operations Specialist
  • Operations Associate
  • Operations Supervisor
  • Operations Analyst
  • Operations Consultant

Engage an Operations Executive Recruiter

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Why Work With DRI Operations Recruiters

Across all industries, the role of operations professionals is extremely important, as these candidates ensure efficient processes, optimal resource allocation, and the achievement of strategic objectives. DRI operations recruiters recognize the paramount importance of operations talent in driving organizational success. Our dedicated team of operations recruiters and executive search consultants specializes in identifying, engaging, and placing top-tier professionals, from C-level executives to direct contributors, who can revolutionize operations across a vast array of organizations in the United States. With a track record of excellence, we are your trusted partners in securing the operations talent that will make your organization thrive.

Operations Recruiters at DRI possess an in-depth understanding of the unique demands and challenges that operations professionals face in various industries. We excel at sourcing individuals who possess not only the technical expertise but also the cultural fit and strategic vision needed to enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness. Whether you're in manufacturing, healthcare, finance, or any other sector, our consultants are committed to providing you with the talent necessary to optimize your processes, streamline workflows, and achieve operational excellence. DRI's Operations Executive Search services extend to identifying transformative leaders capable of guiding organizations through complex operational landscapes. Utilizing our extensive network and industry insights, we pinpoint C-level executives with the strategic acumen and leadership prowess required to navigate and innovate operations successfully. As the bridge to your organization's operational success, DRI ensures that you have the right talent in place to drive excellence and achieve your goals.

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