“Ryan is an extremely professional and detail-oriented recruiter. He creates a bridge between the hiring company and the candidate, relaying the specifics of the job that go beyond the job description. Ryan articulates the needs and key objectives of the role and makes sure that the candidate is best informed on it before he/she goes in for the interview. I was most impressed by Ryan’s prompt follow up every step along the way from phone screen, to the interview, and the offer process. Ryan and DRI are not in it just for the transaction; They are in it for a long-term relationship. He even checked in after I had started and had been in the role for about a month. I would not hesitate recommending Ryan and his team at DRI for those who are looking at connecting with a recruiter to chart their career forward.”

“Ryan and his team at DRI are extremely competent and effective in understanding your needs as a hiring manager, calibrating on the type of candidate, and then sourcing the best candidates for the role. Ryan will seek feedback on the sourced candidates and keep in constant contact so you know where things stand. He is proactive in providing feedback and will make adjustments as needed as you focus your needs. I would not hesitate recommending Ryan and his team at DRI to hiring managers looking to find the right candidates for their team.”