“I have used Ryan to fill positions on several occasions. I found his dedication to the client and attention to the customer to be very high. There was never a time when I felt like I wasn’t informed and up to date on my project. I always felt that Ryan provided current information and advice that empowered me to make the right decisions. I felt that our hiring process was very well-defined, effective and efficient because of the work that Ryan and his team did pre-qualifying candidates they presented to us. We were always presented candidates who were very highly qualified and matched the culture of our organization and its goals.”

“I would highly recommend Ryan and the team at DRI for hiring assistance. They take the time to truly understand the client’s needs in the position they are searching for as well as making sure they fully understand the client’s organizational culture, environment, and working environment. They take the time to pre-qualify the candidates and ensure the candidates they recommend are a positive fit for the client and meet the client’s expectations for that position. I truly appreciate the follow-up e-mails and calls from Ryan even if we are not in the hiring mode. It helps me understand if there are qualified candidates who we may not be considering. Ryan always makes a point of stopping by to visit in person during our major trade shows to ensure he is up to date on our projects and potential needs.”