“You’re making a mistake if you categorize Ryan Lange as a “recruiter.” Ryan and the team at DRI go far beyond the services of what most think of when they say the word “recruiter.” They take a genuine interest in your business to ensure they not only get the right candidate for your role but also do right by the candidate who is making a career change.

I first began working with DRI in 2004 when my friends acquired a $5M manufacturing company. We were tasked with a turn-around effort that was rather serious. With the help of Ryan and DRI, we upgraded 83% of the talent in the company. The new team we brought together produced 4 times revenue and 3.5 times EBITDA in only four years. This success would not have been possible without the help of Ryan/DRI. After we sold the company, I brought Ryan along at our next venture where we had similar success. Upon my departure there, Ryan helped me build a team while I was responsible for a $250M division of a Fortune 50 company. Simply put, DRI has helped me find world class talent for well over a decade; whether running a private small manufacturing company or global division of a large corporation.

In my opinion, hiring a “recruiter” is foolish. Partnering with Ryan and DRI is an intelligent business decision. I’d highly recommend trying to get them as your partner if you desire results.”