How to Build and Maintain a Winning Company Culture

Discover the crucial role of company culture in global success through our insightful ebook, Culture is Key: How to Build and Maintain a Winning Company Culture. Whether you're an experienced executive, a hiring manager, or a candidate seeking a new opportunity, this guide equips you with knowledge and strategies to establish a positive and thriving organizational culture. From fostering diversity and inclusivity to effective communication and nurturing, we address the essential elements of creating your desired culture. Overcome the challenges of sustaining and evolving your culture, ensuring its alignment with business objectives. Embark on a transformative journey as we reveal the secrets to propelling your organization to extraordinary heights of success.

Building a Winning Culture - EBOOK

Hiring in a Virtual World

Pairing the behaviors of the current workforce which are largely digitally-focused, with the COVID-19 pandemic changed the workforce into a more virtual, digital and tech-focused space in which businesses must be comfortable conducting business online that was otherwise mostly done in person. In Hiring in a Virtual World, Direct Recruiters outlines the importance of understanding and conducting business online for the purpose of recruiting, acquiring and retaining top candidates. We highlight the importance of online presence and branding, sourcing candidates, interviewing, onboarding, remote work and online personal security.

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