Aaron Kutz Reviews The Best of ISC West

April 12, 2017

By Aaron Kutz, Executive Recruiter of Government Technology and Electronic Security

I recently had the opportunity to attend the ISC West Conference in Las Vegas for the fourth year. ISC West is the largest security industry trade show in the U.S., and gives professionals opportunities to network, attend educational sessions, listen to keynote speakers, and see all the new and innovative technologies throughout the exhibit hall.  With every year that I visit ISC West, I realize how much growth and progress the industry is experiencing. Companies who had small booths in previous years now have grown into a larger presence at the conference, while other familiar faces are staying strong. Here are my thoughts on the best of ISC West:

ISC seemed even bigger than last year. As a show that is said to have over 29,000 professionals in attendance throughout the conference, the trade show floor was packed.  The exhibitors I spoke to seemed to be very happy with the traffic and chance to showcase their products and technologies to a large volume of attendees.

Aside from the traffic levels of the show, each year at the conference there seems to be a buzz about certain topics.  Last year at ISC, I noticed the emergence and focus on the “Internet of Things” (IoT). Following that theme, this year there were more partnerships apparent to allow devices to be connected in the home and across the enterprise. Almost everyone I stopped to speak with was focused on having their technology connect to a variety of other solutions.  In addition, these companies highlighted how end users can utilize the cloud to help their clients with a more affordable, reliable service.

One company that I was very impressed with at ISC West was BriefCam. BriefCam provides users the ability to rapidly review video and take action as needed. I spent some time speaking to members of their team about their one-of-a-kind solution. I was lucky enough to be provided a live demo to see firsthand the capability their solution provides including its unique video layering and search capability. It was like nothing I saw throughout the show anywhere else and I was very impressed with their product.

Overall, ISC West was a great event for my fourth year attending. I would love to hear your take on the show if you were there or more about your take on the industry in general. Please feel free to reach out directly to me to discuss further.

Aaron Kutz
Executive Recruiter of Government Technology & Electronic Security

Companies Topping the Charts at ISC West 2016

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April 19, 2016

By Aaron Kutz, Executive Recruiter for Government and Electronic Security, DRI

Last week, I attended the ISC West Security Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas, NV for the third consecutive year. As this is one of the larger security exhibits of the year, it is always filled with much excitement by exhibitors and attendees alike. Companies are unveiling new technology and new solutions that have previously been under wraps. Of the many companies at the show, I did have a chance to sit down with a few that caught my eye.

BluBox-  A unique solution that seems to be truly innovating the space. Blubox introduced a new “person reader” this year while at ISC. This solution which has 5 different versions provides a new innovation in Biometric readers. Blubox is very excited about this new solution that adds to an already impressive solution set.

Boon Edam– Boon Edam, with what seemed like an always packed booth, was show casing a variety of products filled with both familiar products as well as some new solutions that were being showcased for the first time. As I spoke to people there the prevailing thought was “what’s next?” What else can we do with this data? That is truly the next step for the industry and they are excited to lead the way into that market.

Elk Products– While focused on residential security, Elk Products prides itself on constantly innovating and bringing new products to the marketplace. While visiting with Elk, they were excited about several new solutions including their M1 platform control, panic lights and panic buttons. All of which are to be released this year.

Paxton– This company had one of the more interesting booths that I had the pleasure of visiting. They are focused on a separate trend in not only the security space, but also the technology world in general, the “Internet of Things”. Paxton is looking to expand their cloud based access control and incorporating integration across several platforms. Their motto of being “geniusly simple” Paxton showcased their cloud based access control system named Paxton Blu along with a new partnership with HID. Paxton seems poised to continue their growth in the US marketplace.

Overall, I came back from the 2016 ISC West conference energized to get back to work in this growing and exciting industry. Based on the impressive technology that I saw last week I feel this industry is poised for further growth and for some new exciting innovations.

The next trade show I plan on attending is the ASIS Seminar in Orlando, FL from September 12-15. If you are interested in having your company highlighted in my next blog, please let me know.