Machelle Johnson, HR Director – Pearson Packaging Systems

“I started working with DRI about 7 years ago and it was honestly because Jason Herbert was different from other recruiters. Instead of sending a bunch of resumes that never fit the bill, Jason prequalified and screened candidates to present the right fit. Two of the reasons we continue to work with Direct Recruiters are that they find the talent to meet the position requirements and always provides a follow-up to make sure the person is a good hire. They have made my job as a Director of Human Resources much easier because I have basically outsourced high level sales and engineer roles to them which allows me to focus on the positions that are easy for me to fill quickly. More importantly, we have worked with DRI to hire strategic leaders in our organization that have really helped us grow significantly as a company over the last 5 years. I would recommend Direct Recruiters to others with high-level searches; I have worked with Cherie Shepard and Rachel Makoski in addition to Jason Herbert, and they all provide the same great, consistent service. It is clear that DRI’s core values are instilled in several recruiters because the approach is always the same, which is good.”

Ann Britten, HR Manager – Optima Machinery Corporation

“Jason was great to work with, he listened to what requirement we had for the position and looked hard for the right candidates. He was flexible and good at communicating what was next in the process. I would recommend Jason to others as he was very easy to work with.”

Martin Hack, VP and General Manager – L.B. Bohle, LLC

“Jason was always very responsive, followed-up on a regular basis and we had an overall good relationship. I valued the honest, open communication Jason provided throughout the process. He gave us good candidates throughout, offered good advice in the process from what he saw, and listened to my responses to really tailor who he was looking for to present to us. Overall it was a great experience and I would absolutely recommend using Jason Herbert as your recruiter.”

Rodney Grounds, Vice President of Sales, Automatic Systems Groups – Robopac

“Jason at Direct Recruiters exceeded my expectations with his understanding of the Packaging industry, and with his process of listening to what we were looking for in a candidate then finding the right talent for us. Working with Jason, we found a very good candidate who took the position and shows signs of promise to be a great hire. Jason’s professionalism and organization were key in the whole process. Jason really excels at listening to us on the front end to know exactly what we look for in a candidate. I certainly would recommend Jason at Direct Recruiters as it was a great experience for us.”

Jordan Berry – Director, HR

“Jason was direct, to the point, and found a great candidate within a matter of weeks for a role that we had tried to fill for 2 years.  We didn’t feel as though he was throwing several resumes at us to see if anything would stick, but rather screened well enough so that the candidates that came to us were well vetted.  Our team highly recommends Jason, and will certainly use him moving forward.”

Michelle Donnelly – HR, Intralox

“I have used Jason for several years now, and I keep working with him because he consistently produces high quality candidates who fit our culture.  He understands us very well as a client and I know I can always count on him.”

M.J. – Candidate

“I contacted Jason, to help me find a high level executive sales management position. He has done an amazing job, learning my personality and what culture I would fit best. Currently I am employed as a Sr. Sales Manager, making a great living and having fun with my new position. If you are looking for a partner to get your name out there, Jason is definitely the guy!”

Jim Peterson – Sales Director, NA, Provisur

“I work with Jason and his team to fill high quality sales and sales leadership roles.  He takes the time to understand our hiring needs and as a result, he always sends us well-qualified candidates in a timely fashion. We know he has our best interest at heart. I would definitely recommend working with him.”

Rich Gardner – VP of Sales, Pearson Packaging

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jason during my own career transition in 2013 and have worked with Direct Recruiters for many years.  Jason is always dedicated to finding the best sales candidates whenever we are doing a search.  His advice is always extremely valuable, intelligent and thorough plus I can always count on him to follow up when he said he would.  I have recommended him to others for recruiting & job search assistance and I will continue to do so with confidence.  Thank you –  Jason!!”

Andrew Parlour – General Manager, Kliklok-Bosch

“I have used Jason to find high quality revenue producing executives now for a number of searches and he always presents the highest quality candidates in a timely manner. In addition, he always takes the time to listen and understand our needs, strategy, culture, and hiring initiatives.  If you need a search partner, I highly recommend that you reach out to Jason.”