Machelle Johnson, HR Director – Pearson Packaging Systems

“I started working with DRI about 7 years ago and it was honestly because Jason Herbert was different from other recruiters. Instead of sending a bunch of resumes that never fit the bill, Jason prequalified and screened candidates to present the right fit. Two of the reasons we continue to work with Direct Recruiters are that they find the talent to meet the position requirements and always provides a follow-up to make sure the person is a good hire. They have made my job as a Director of Human Resources much easier because I have basically outsourced high level sales and engineer roles to them which allows me to focus on the positions that are easy for me to fill quickly. More importantly, we have worked with DRI to hire strategic leaders in our organization that have really helped us grow significantly as a company over the last 5 years. I would recommend Direct Recruiters to others with high-level searches; I have worked with Cherie Shepard in addition to Jason Herbert, and they both provide the same great, consistent service. It is clear that DRI’s core values are instilled in several recruiters because the approach is always the same, which is good.”