Kelly Shillito, COO – C.L. Smith Company

“Working with Direct Recruiters exceeded my expectations. When looking for a search firm, the number one priority for us is to find a firm who thoroughly vets out candidates and asks detailed questions to candidates prior to sending them over to me. While they did a great job vetting out the candidates, Direct Recruiters also caught our eye with a unique program they have in Direct Retention. Having a guarantee that was more than 60 to 90 days to ensure we made the best hire was very appealing to us. I would absolutely recommend Direct Recruiters and Direct Retention for high level searches because of their exceptional follow-through, good flow of quality candidates, and they are very thorough. David and Ashley at Direct Recruiters were fabulous and I really enjoyed the experience working with them.”

Franco DeBlasio, CEO – Clear Automation

“Working with DRI’s Direct Retention program and services exceeded my expectations. What I was most pleased with was the fact that DRI did not inundate me with candidates. They kept me out of the process until the very end. At that point it was very clear that DRI had a handful of qualified candidates. That helped me optimize my time utilization, which was the most important thing from a process perspective. The second most important thing in this process was that DRI was able to do this in the timeframe we agreed on. Compared to other recruiters, DRI actually did the real work of screening candidates instead of just spending 6 weeks e-mailing me 3 times a day with resumes. I wanted someone who would provide the HR function of a true skilled recruiting effort, and DRI did a great job with that. I would and already have recommended DRI’s Direct Retention program and services to others.”