Dan Lieske, Director, Business Development – Jarrett

“I was approached by Tom Clark’s team at DRI back in October 2019 regarding a sales opportunity. Tom played an instrumental role throughout the entire process of evaluating several opportunities and helped me narrow my focus on what I felt was the best fit for me and my family. Looking back on the rigorous interview process I went through, Tom was there every step of the way offering support/feedback/suggestions and I really felt like he was looking out for the best interest of me and my family. I would highly recommend Tom Clark and his team at DRI for anyone who is seriously looking for a career change.”

Joe Dykin, Maintenance Manager

“Working with Tom was a two-way street; he knew my interest was to find a new position and he was able to guide me, offer advice, and walk me through step by step of the way. I was most happy with the fact that Tom was always a step ahead and helped me to prepare for what was next throughout the entire process. He was very resourceful when it came to meeting all my needs and expectations. I would recommend working with Tom at Direct Recruiters to anyone – I wish there were more recruiters like Tom out there to help candidates in their careers. He was great.”

Director of Talent Acquisition, Client Organization

“Working with Tom and his team at DRI on a search to fill a President & COO position exceeded my expectations. I was most pleased with the quick responses, updates, and Tom’s ability to find the candidate we hired in a relatively short amount of time. I would absolutely recommend Tom at DRI because he listened to our needs, he was diligent in terms of communication and he was professional throughout the process, not only with us, but the candidate as well. I look forward to working with Tom on future positions.”

Brian J. – Brightstone

“We gave Tom an extensive list of traits and characteristics that we were hoping for in a candidate and he was able to find someone that met all of those qualifications.  Tom delivered on what we were requesting, which we thought was a tall order, easily and in a short amount of time. The candidate that Tom presented and we hired is as good as advertised, and probably better.  He is doing great and I would imagine that we won’t have any issue with him being successful in the role he’s going to be in, based on what we have seen so far.  I would be happy to give Tom a referral to another client and talk with them about working with him.  It was great, an easy experience, and everything happened as he explained it would on a timeline that he helped develop.  Tom delivered on everything we asked for, so we were thrilled.”

S.G. – Business Development

“Tom was great to work with.  I was most pleased with his follow-up, making sure all of my questions were answered, and he gave me a lot of pointers going into the interview process step-by-step the whole way through.  Tom always made sure everything was addressed.  I have already recommended Tom to two people because he is quick, knows the market, knows what his clients are looking for and the type of prospects he wants to bring to the table.  I will continue to recommend Tom to others.”

A.T. – District Manager

“Tom exceeded my expectations.  He was very professional, thorough, and went above and beyond.  Tom made the extra effort to make me comfortable throughout the process and make sure I was prepared.  He was well aware of the client he was placing me with and knew them very well. I have and would recommend Tom to others looking for opportunities because of his professionalism, he’s a good guy, and he knows what he’s doing.”

K.M. – Regional Director for Americas

“Speaking from personal experience, Tom and his team at DRI are simply the best executive search firm. “

G.B. – Regional Transportation Manager

“I have known Tom Clark for the better part of a decade. When he reconnected with me and told me about a career growth opportunity, I was not actively looking to change jobs.  But because of the respect I have for Tom and because I know him to be a genuine and motivated businessman who is a great developer of talent, I agreed to listen. I’m very fortunate I did. Tom found a position which not only helped me to immediately advance my career, but he also placed me in a leading, high growth company where I have room to continue growing. Tom does not stop with simply introducing candidates with employers.  If it were not for Tom’s superior communication, coaching, and negotiation I would not have landed in the Regional Transportation Manager role. It was obvious from the first conversation and was reaffirmed throughout the interviewing process that Tom is genuinely passionate about finding candidates and companies the perfect match. I would strongly recommend talking with Tom if you are a candidate looking to make a career change or a company wanting to hire top talent.”

G.G. – Account Executive

“Tom is very thorough throughout the entire recruitment process.  He was most interested in my background information and what I was looking for before he even told me the details of the opportunity so that he could match the right opportunity.  During the process he coached me through every step of the way.  From the first call with the employer, to the face to face interview, to the employer taking my wife and myself out to dinner, Tom gave advice about what to expect for each step.  He even went as far as giving my wife advice on good questions to ask at the dinner and other things she may want to know.  With Tom, there was no stone left unturned.  I would absolutely recommend Tom to others looking for opportunities.”

Taylor – Candidate

“Tom Clark and Randall Moores from Direct Recruiters facilitated an absolutely seamless transition from active duty military service to a phenomenal opportunity I would have never found on my own. Working with Direct Recruiters was a much different experience than many other firms specifically focused on placing junior military officers separating from military service. Instead of quickly ushering me to the next hiring conference or similar event, Tom and Randall sought me out for specific roles which allowed me to capitalize on my experience and interests. Prior to interviewing, they provided me a wealth of information about the company and individuals I would be meeting with and several practice sessions. They were also incredibly helpful in assisting me translate the skills and experience gained from nine years of service into relatable terminology for the private sector. I am absolutely recommending Tom Clark and Randall Moores from Direct Recruiters as a first contact to any of my peers also separating from service.”