Rebecca Forristall, Senior Client Development Director

I have worked with Direct Recruiters many times and believe that this firm is the best in the Healthcare IT and biotech recruiting space. I recently worked with Steve and found him to be responsive, understanding and a great to work with! I would recommend him to candidates and companies alike!”

Josh Lee, Managing Consultant

“I can’t say enough nice things about Steve. He is the embodiment of what it means to maintain strong relationships in the human capital space. His warmth, professionalism and personality are unmatched, which provide the backbone to an amazing work ethic on behalf of his clients. Steve is an amazing asset to his organization, and I would be lucky to have him on my virtual team in any capacity.”

Megan Iturralde, Solutions Architect – Xealth

“Steve is a pleasure to work with and was always very responsive during my recruitment journey. Easy to communicate with and thoughtful with his advice. I’d be very open to working with him again.”

Emera De Los Santos, Implementation Manager – Kustomer

“Steve was one of the most attentive and supportive recruiters I have worked with. He originally reached out to me about a position that did not ultimately work out but he continued to be an excellent resource throughout my job search process. I highly recommend Steve for any company looking for talent or anyone who is looking for a new opportunity. His genuine interest in getting you where you want to be goes a long way in ensuring that you always feel you have an ally in him.”

George Cunningham, Director of Business Development – Riviera Partners

“Consummate professional: Steve and his colleagues changed my mind about HIT recruiters from negative to positive. From initial contact all the way through, Steve was tuned in to my implicit and explicit requirements for a position. He was always genuinely interested in my priorities, and the ideal job match. Steve’s ability to listen and provide advice with the right amount of touch-points make him an ideal person to match employers with talented employees.”

Adam Becker, Sr. Director – EvaluatePharma USA, Inc.

“I had the pleasure of working with Steve in my career search and I highly recommend him to any company looking to hire or individual looking to get hired. I truly found Steve to be a high-value partner in representing me in my career search. Steve is knowledgeable, transparent, and focused on making sure that an opportunity was a good fit with my requirements. Steve provided me high value opinions, thoughts, and recommendations and together we executed on a strategy which enabled me to become employed with a great company. Steve is a true professional!”

Camille Sendlak, Marketing – Audmedics

“Steve was by far the most engaged recruiter I have ever worked with and it was always a pleasure to speak with him! He continually follows up on both ends, and always makes sure that all questions are answered. He is genuine and personable, and I am so thankful that he helped to find me the job I have always wanted! Even after starting the job, he still checks in to see how things are going, which I really appreciate! Thank you Steve for all of your help!”

Victor Lopez, Implementation Lead – TytoCare

“Stephen guided me and helped me with my current position at the new company. From the beginning, Stephen’s professionalism was at full display when he first contacted me. He always listened to what I wanted to do next and what I was looking for. He never seemed to be too “aggressive” in a sense that had me to believe that this was just another quota/ goal for him to get a commission. Stephen was also very thorough throughout the whole process. He made sure all my questions were answered and I always knew what was the next step in the interview process. Overall, Stephen served as a great resource in my job search. I would definitely recommend him to any company searching for some help with recruiting.”

Michael Arbaugh, Candidate

“I’d like to recommend the Executive Search firm of Direct Recruiters Inc (DRI). I recently had the pleasure of working with them as they represented me in a search. Working with both Michael Silverstein and Stephen Benson was a great experience. What first impressed me is how they listened and really got to know me. They understood what I was looking for. Next, working with Stephen and his ability to articulate my strengths and value to prospective companies was critical. Ensuring that I was well aligned with what the prospective company was looking for. Last, having a team that sticks with you (my search took 5 months) and helps provide insights and guidance along the way was invaluable. Five weeks into my new role and I’m still in touch with Michael and Stephen as they are interested in making sure that my new role starts off strong.”

Stephanie Trowbridge, Candidate

“I’ve enjoyed working with Stephen, as he brought a wonderful opportunity to my attention. He knew I would be a great fit for a new role at Xealth. He is an excellent communicator and made sure I was informed throughout the process. I felt like I could contact him with any questions and he always was able to get me the answers to help me feel reassured. I have worked with many recruiters in the past, who have been great; Stephen is definitely highly recommended.”