Dan Trigub, CEO & Co-Founder, MedArrive

“Mike and his team are consultative, experienced, and collaborative. They offer thoughtful ideas and solutions and then go out and execute. Most importantly, they are trustworthy, honest and are focused on the long-term relationship with their customer. We partnered with…

M.G. – Client

“Great experience, listened to our needs and budget, provided good quality candidates that met the criteria, DRI recruitment team exceeded expectations. Thank you, Michael Silverstein and the entire recruitment team!”

Jon-Michial Carter, Co-Founder & CEO, Chartspan Medical Technologies

“I’m consistently delighted with the quality of candidates Mike Silverstein and his team deliver to us. DRI’s team earnestly stays on top of the search process and effectively communicates each critical step. Love them.”

Jon-Michial Carter, Founder & Chief Growth Officer, ChartSpan Medical

“Over the years I’ve worked with numerous firms.  There are so many, it can be challenging to differentiate the differences.  However, there is one that stands out above all others….DRI.  When they get an assignment, they prepare and assess to…

N.Z. – Candidate

“Michael and his colleagues/partners provided exemplary service for my obtaining a position with Capsule Tech. Their expertise in selection of one of the best companies in USA/Globe for me which matched my skills and desires – outstanding! Thank you Mike!!”

C.B. – Candidate

“Over the past few weeks, I reached out to many recruiters via email seeking out new marketing opportunities and thankfully Michael Silverstein was one of the few who responded with unconditional service to help me. He accepted the task of…

Jim Sides, Director of Business Development, MDClone

“Brad and the Mike Silverstein on DRI team were great to work with! The hiring process went smoothly and easily. Thanks DRI!”

Shaun Priest, Chief Revenue Officer, Clearwave

“Mike, Jillian, and the entire DRI team exceeded my expectations! DRI’s expertise in Healthcare IT is evident in their recruitment of top tier sales executives. For me, the weekly calls are invaluable! We’re able to discuss open positions, candidates, and…

Shaun Priest, Chief Revenue Officer, Clearwave

“DRI knows the HIT sales space. I’ve worked with the Healthcare IT team  at DRI over 15 years, including multiple successful placements in 2021. They understand the market, the candidate, and what our company needs. Right now, with the economy…

Nicole Rogas, Senior Vice President, Sales – Experian Health

“As a sales leader, I get approached often by recruiters claiming they can bring me the best talent on the market. At Experian Health, when we hire new sales associates we take a lot of time and care in the…