G.D. – Vice President of Sales

“Matthew has been meeting my expectations both from a time perspective (finding qualified candidates in a timely manner), as well as bringing forth qualified candidates that meet many of our key job description requirements.   We have had a good success with the candidates DRI has brought forth in the past months.  I definitely would recommend DRI’s services to others based on the specific industry they are in and DR is able to support.   DRI’s focus on the lighting industry has made DRI one of our most effective recruiters.”

Chief Technology Officer

“Regarding the entire recruitment process, I was very satisfied and happy with my interactions with Matthew. He was familiar with the company and could describe why the company could be a good fit for me, while his disposition made it a pleasure to speak with him. I felt comfortable speaking to Matthew, both in the initial stages and also through to the end. I appreciated both the prepping and the debrief sessions before and after the interview process. I would definitely recommend DRI’s services to someone looking for opportunities.”

Account Executive

“Working with Matthew was a pleasure. He is quick and to the point while listening and giving me enough of his time. He is very knowledgeable about sales, the industry and his clients. He far exceeded my expectations. He did what he said he would do and got me a great job! I am recommending him to all the people in my network and look forward to hearing about everyone’s success.”

Senior Project Manager

“Matthew was excellent to work with during the job transition process. He has great communication skills and was very dependable when it came to responding to emails and phone calls. He had answers to all my questions regarding the new company and position and I was able to obtain exactly what I was looking for. I’m very happy at my new position and I would definitely work with Matthew again in the future.”

Brian Gearheart

“Matthew handled my recruitment into a great role. He was very informative from beginning to end. I went into my interviews knowing a great amount of detail in each instance to ensure that I would be able to respond well. Matthew communicated frequently and clearly to share feedback from my interviews and to let me know what to expect next. I’d recommend Matthew knowing that he will bring a passion for placing people in the right positions to ensure career and personal growth.”