Camille Sendlak, Marketing – Audmedics

“Steve was by far the most engaged recruiter I have ever worked with and it was always a pleasure to speak with him! He continually follows up on both ends, and always makes sure that all questions are answered. He is genuine and personable, and I am so thankful that he helped to find me the job I have always wanted! Even after starting the job, he still checks in to see how things are going, which I really appreciate! Thank you Steve for all of your help!”

Victor Lopez, Implementation Lead – TytoCare

“Stephen guided me and helped me with my current position at the new company. From the beginning, Stephen’s professionalism was at full display when he first contacted me. He always listened to what I wanted to do next and what I was looking for. He never seemed to be too “aggressive” in a sense that had me to believe that this was just another quota/ goal for him to get a commission. Stephen was also very thorough throughout the whole process. He made sure all my questions were answered and I always knew what was the next step in the interview process. Overall, Stephen served as a great resource in my job search. I would definitely recommend him to any company searching for some help with recruiting.”

David Pape, Regional Vice President – ElectrifAi

“Stephanie has a great reputation in her industry and I experienced it firsthand during a recent job search and eventual placement. Stephanie immediately provided me with multiple options and listened to my feedback throughout the process. She was always responsive and always willing to provide feedback of her own and I highly recommend her. She came highly recommended to me and didn’t disappoint.”

Michael Arbaugh, Candidate

“I’d like to recommend the Executive Search firm of Direct Recruiters Inc (DRI). I recently had the pleasure of working with them as they represented me in a search. Working with both Michael Silverstein and Stephen Benson was a great experience. What first impressed me is how they listened and really got to know me. They understood what I was looking for. Next, working with Stephen and his ability to articulate my strengths and value to prospective companies was critical. Ensuring that I was well aligned with what the prospective company was looking for. Last, having a team that sticks with you (my search took 5 months) and helps provide insights and guidance along the way was invaluable. Five weeks into my new role and I’m still in touch with Michael and Stephen as they are interested in making sure that my new role starts off strong.”

Stephanie Trowbridge, Candidate

“I’ve enjoyed working with Stephen, as he brought a wonderful opportunity to my attention. He knew I would be a great fit for a new role at Xealth. He is an excellent communicator and made sure I was informed throughout the process. I felt like I could contact him with any questions and he always was able to get me the answers to help me feel reassured. I have worked with many recruiters in the past, who have been great; Stephen is definitely highly recommended.”

F.C. – Candidate

“As someone who does not change positions often, I rely on professionals to properly market my skills and prepare me for the change. Stephanie was the consummate professional through the process of my last career change. Stephanie was very helpful in every step of the process – from resume enhancement to social media exposure to interview prep, Stephanie guided me through the maze. She was always available to me before, during, and after the process. I couldn’t give a more positive recommendation for the work Stephanie did for me. Thanks again, Stephanie!”

Chris Riddle, Senior Account Executive – Leidos Health

There is an art to recruiting and Alexa is a master in her field. First she listened to ensure she understood my goals and objectives. Then she provided accurate details about a role and a company that aligned well with myself. Finally, she did all of this with solid and timely follow-up while offering feedback along the way to make sure my new role was the right role. I highly recommend that you share your story with Alexa as well.”

Mike Patrick, Ability Network

“Stephanie provides a great service. She is direct, professional and makes good candidate recommendations. She understands the dynamic nature of our business and partners well within our process.”

T.B. – Candidate

“I had the pleasure of working with Stephanie and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for opportunities in the Healthcare Technology space. She is a true professional and communicates effectively and timely to ensure we are on the same page. Changing roles can be stressful, but Stephanie was there throughout the entire process and made sure all of my questions were answered. She wanted the best for me and that was made clear by her actions – not just her words.”

Nicole Rogas, Senior Vice President, Sales – Experian Health

“As a sales leader, I get approached often by recruiters claiming they can bring me the best talent on the market. At Experian Health, when we hire new sales associates we take a lot of time and care in the hiring process. We invest significantly in our team during onboarding so making the wrong hire can set us back. We also protect our culture, which is one of high performance, teamwork and authenticity. Consistently, time and time again, Mike and Direct Recruiters have brought me candidates that are not only top industry talent but also fit right into the culture we work so hard to maintain. I would recommend Direct Recruiters as your hiring partner to anyone who asks.”