Why Job Hunt During the Holiday Season?

December 2, 2015

It’s tempting to put your job search on-hold until after the holiday season. But it’s to your advantage to resist this temptation and continue your search efforts. The holiday season is actually an opportune time to find your next job and here’s why:

There’s more time to search for a job since your work has slowed down. If you’re currently employed and seeking another job, chances are that you will have some down time during the holiday season. Use your down-time wisely and boost your job search.

Your competition is likely taking some time off. With so many people competing for the same job and so many taking a break from their search efforts over the holidays, you have the opportunity to blow past your competition. Take this opportunity to contact companies through their websites, blog posts, social media, direct phone calls, etc. Also, don’t be shy about asking for an interview. Many companies want to close out their open requisitions and have a new hire start in the New Year.

Holiday networking opportunities are plentiful. With all the holiday parties, open houses, happy hours, etc. your networking opportunities are abundant. In addition, everyone is usually in a festive mood at these events, making it easier for you to meet new contacts and engage them in conversation.

Use the Holidays to reconnect. Think of how many people you know and those that you only see or hear from over the holiday season. Get in touch with all of them by sending a holiday greeting. Believe me, they’ll welcome it. Include neighbors, extended family, former professors, former bosses and co-workers, college roommates, etc. A greeting from you puts you back on their radar.

Hiring authorities might be actually be answering their phone this time of year. With the administrative assistant probably on vacation, you could end up talking directly with the hiring manager. However, you’ll only have a few seconds to grab their interest. Be ready to draw them with a good conversation starter.

Putting a little extra effort into your job hunt and increasing your networking opportunities this time of year may be the best gift you could give yourself!

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