Construction Industry Recruiters and Executive Search


The Direct Recruiters and Raymond Search Group construction recruiting teams provide clients with customized search solutions to fit their unique human capital needs. The construction industry is split into multiple sectors including residential, non-residential, infrastructure and industrial construction. The sector accounts for more than 10% of global GDP and employs over 273 million people. DRI's construction recruiters and executive search specialists bridge the gap between construction / architecture / engineering companies and critical talent in the built environment.

Finance and Accounting Recruiters and Executive Search


Direct Recruiters, Inc. provides recruiting and executive search services to organizations and firms looking to hire top accounting, finance, and consulting talent. Our team of top recruiters work with not only finance, accounting and professional services firms, but also across several industry verticals' and in-house departments to provide customized employment solutions. DRI's finance, accounting, and consultancy recruiters utilize their industry expertise and vast network of executive professionals to create a successful recruiting and placement process.

Software Sales Recruiters and Executive Search


Direct Recruiters, Inc. recruits and places software sales executives, technology sales executives, software engineers, SaaS Sales, Cloud Computing Sales, ERP Sales Representatives for companies across industries like Healthcare IT, Supply Chain, and Security across the United States. We provide executive search services including contingencycontract staffing and retained 'Direct Retention' search for clients looking for software sales and technology sales talent.

Legal Staffing and Attorney Recruiting Fee Structure


Legal staffing fees and attorney recruiting fees change based on certain criteria such as the duration of the staffing contract, the difficulty of the recruiting assignment, the urgency of attorney placements and certain geographical parameters.  DRI places legal professionals at law firms and corporate legal departments that perform company specific functions for a specific time period, at a specified hourly rate. To learn more about our fees, visit our legal staffing and attorney recruiting fee structure page.

Food Industry Recruiting and Placement Services


Direct Recruiters, Inc. recruits and places food industry executives, food manufacturing employees, food and beverage sales managers, food production directors, food service professionals, C-Level food processing officers, regional and national food product advertising and marketing managers, food scientists, food quality coordinators, and food safety specialists for food companies in the United States and Canada. To speak with a food industry recruiter, call 440-207-9748 or click here.


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