Partner and Healthcare IT Research Manager

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Jaimie Bailey joined Direct Recruiters as a researcher for Direct Consulting Associates (DCA). She now serves as Director of Research for DRI’s Healthcare Technology sector, where she uses her vast knowledge of the healthcare space to aid in the sourcing of high-impact talent for mission-critical roles.  In October 2022, Jaimie was promoted to Partner. Jaimie manages a team of sourcing professional specializing in name generation across multiple practice areas. She has created a variety of company processes, onboarding, and KPI programs, and trains and mentors other research associates. As a 3x winner of DRI’s Researcher of the Year award, Jaimie Bailey is an indispensable resource for knowledge of the market, key competitors, and talent mapping within the Healthtech space.

Before joining Direct Recruiters, Jaimie worked for animal welfare nonprofits, including a pitbull rescue. Originally from PA, Jaimie graduated with a bachelor’s from University of Pittsburgh in Anthropology and History and also earned her Masters in Archaeology from Glasgow University in Scotland.

Outside of her work for DRI, Jaimie participates in local bocce and shuffleboard teams and enjoys a game of trivia. She also enjoys long walks with her dog, Wanda. While Jaimie currently resides in Cleveland, she’s a Steelers fan at heart.