K.B. – Candidate

"Marah is one of a kind when it comes to recruiters. Further more, she's more than a recruiter, though a true relationship developer, with her clients/prospects best intentions and placements in mind. Her communication and initiatives are unmatched in the industry. Marah truly ensures that any opportunity is well vetted and a great fit for the individual she is working with. Marah was extremely communicative throughout the process and ensured the position being entertained was a solid fit for my personality, goals, and strengths. Follow up was superb and assistance/guidance along the way was the best I've experienced. I'm grateful for the placement she suggested for me, and further grateful for the long-term established friendship we developed in the process. If Marah happens to call you, it would behoove you to answer the phone. Better yet, any company she works with for placement is fortunate to have her services."