J.G. – Candidate

"Though I was not actively seeking new employment at the time, I first became acquainted with the DRI team via LI where they directly engaged with me regarding some viable job opportunities that aligned with my profile.

In my experience, gross assumptions of a candidate's capabilities (or limitations) based simply on Title/Company/Tenure happen with great frequency across recruiting firms, particularly for sales professionals. Even when the assumptions are based on a recruiter's previous interactions with others in the same or similar roles, this candidate bias commoditizes the individual in a way that eliminates their unique traits (e.g. soft skills, drive, passion, grit) for potential employers. The results are typically wasted time and unfulfilled goals for all involved. I'm happy to say that DRI broke the mold and did not follow this pattern when working with me.

As a tenured sales professional in the Healthcare IT-Technology space, I was very impressed with how DRI separated themselves from many other recruiters I've interacted with in the past by investing the time to better understand my own uniquely developed skillsets for success based on the types of challenges I willingly took on to grow my craft over the years. They sought out my professional interests, delved into my areas of expertise, & showed sincere interest in helping me meet my long-term career goals.

The DRI team is incredibly professional, always returning communications in a timely manner, and remained consistently proactive in seeking updates from potential employers pre & post interview. Once I began to seriously consider roles being presented to me, they were also an invaluable resource in educating me about the key changes & trends involved in the interview/recruiting process since I was last on the market--ensuring I was both comfortable & prepared."