N.C. – Candidate

"DRI contacted me about a very unique position that I otherwise would never have found or thought would be in my wheelhouse. I could tell from the initial communication that they had worked very diligently with the hiring team to understand their needs and had a strong sense of how my skillsets could be a good fit. Without their outside-the-box thinking, I would have never known about the company or position.

Throughout the process, the DRI team has extremely effective communicators. The team at Direct Recruiters acted as advocates at every stage of the process. Their team provides extensive helpful guides for interviewing and very detailed information on the company. They were genuine and confident when they spoke about the culture and desirability of the workplace. Because of all this effort up front, the interviewing process went exceptionally fast and smoothly (approximately 1 wk from initial HR phone call to offer received!!) and the compensation package met my exact needs. I'm really excited to start the new position and expand my skills and experience!!"