K.P. – Candidate

"Joe contacted me through LinkedIn, I was searching for a job at the time but left my resume open for anyone to search for me. He found my information and introduced himself as a recruiter for robots, manufacturing and automation field. That really peaked my interest since those are my core desires to work in so I gave him a chance and listened to what he was offering. He definitely has strong connections with his contacts since they are in up and coming start up companies like PlusOne Robotics. PlusOne was the one he was offering to communicate back and forth between us about their job opportunity as being their Field Engineer.

He successfully guided me through all the extensive 3 rounds of the interview process and as well travel portion to San Antonio. He always kept in communication about what's going with PlusOne and keeping me up to date if they needed anything else.

He does give you all the resources to success in the interview process such as tips on what kind of questions you should ask, background on the people you are speaking to, and what you should speak more on to help your chances through the interview process. Through his help he was able to help me secure a job at PlusOne Robotics, I wouldn't have made this far if it weren't for his help! Thanks Joe!"