Direct Recruiters is an executive search firm that recruits high-impact energy & sustainability employees for top organizations in the industry. For employee recruiting assistance, placement assistance or to be considered for a job within energy & sustainability, please contact our energy & sustainability recruiter, Matthew Cohen at 440-996-0860 or Our types of search include:
Our team is dedicated to sourcing, identifying, acquiring, and retaining top performing professionals to elevate the success of our energy and sustainability clients' organizations.

Finding Energy & Sustainbility and HVAC/R Talent

Energy & Sustainability recruiters and HVAC recruiters at DRI continually receive resumes from energy and HVAC specialists and submit the best resumes to the hiring managers that contracted with DRI for recruiting services. Energy recruiters and HVAC recruiters at DRI review the experience of each candidate to ensure that it matches the job description and requirements of companies that have engaged DRI on a contingency, retained search, consulting or contract staffing basis.

Our Energy & Sustainability and HVAC executive search consultants place the job applicants in positions that they find to be the most agreeable. Specialized search consultants and Energy and HVAC recruiters at DRI do more than just find people new jobs, we find Americans the jobs that best suit their lifestyle and career objectives.  DRI is a third-party (3rd) recruitment agency that recruits experienced Energy and HVAC specialists and executives for full-time, temporary and part-time employment opportunities within companies across a variety of industries.

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