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Dave Bevington is Partner and Director of Automation at Direct Recruiters, Inc. Dave works diligently to help expand and cultivate the Industrial Automation, Robotics, and Controls segment. He brings a diverse background including past experience in business development, marketing and the ability to build and implement high-level business strategies. He highly values creativity, innovation, and thinking outside the box. Dave is a resourceful Automation recruiter, Robotics Recruiter and Controls Recruiter.

Dave’s no-nonsense approach and style enable him to easily connect with executive level talent and form long-lasting relationships and partnerships. His simple philosophy squarely focuses on the core principal of passionately driving positive change through “win-win” business solutions and scenarios.

Outside of his office, Dave can constantly be found pursuing his deep passion for learning through his numerous hobbies that include a diverse array of artistic applications like screenwriting, guitar and songwriting, children's literature, the visual arts, real estate and design, hiking, fishing, golf, various martial arts, and much more. With his boundless energy, Dave promotes youth football and takes pride in mentoring others both in and outside of work. He is a football enthusiast favoring all things NFL as a fan of the Minnesota Vikings. Dave earned his BS at Kent State University with a double major, psychology, and marketing.

Contact Dave Bevington: 440-996-0584

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Dave Bevington Testimonials

D.C. – Candidate

It’s been great working with Dave Bevington and the DRI team! Given my resume along with our initial discussions regarding my current situation, career goals, and aspirations Dave and Daniel found a perfect opportunity for me in a new company.…

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K.N. – Candidate

“Working with Dave been outstanding and unexpected. He has added a strong level of value through his willingness to be direct, high attentional to detail and responsiveness, and overall professionalism. He has totally changed my opinion of recruiters!”

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E.S. – Candidate

Dave is highly professional and cordial, always very quick to reply, and he keeps you in the loop as events occur. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone seeking the help of a professional recruiter. I also hope to…

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Z.G. – Candidate

I’m really happy with my new position. As far as Direct Recruiters involvement in the overall interviewing process, everything was top notch. I felt very prepared for every step of the process. You guys were amazing. No complaints here.

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C.L. – Candidate

Dave Bevington was unlike any recruiter who had contacted me in the past. His level of engagement throughout the interview process surpassed my expectations. The advice and coaching he provided helped me to achieve a high level of success and…

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A.R. – Candidate

My experience with the process Dave used to set my current position up was great. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to migrate into another position. I’d say that everything Dave did from setting up the interview to…

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A.A. – Candidate

I need to say that the help I got from you guys was amazing, every time that I went on an interview, I felt fully prepared. It was a really big difference compared to the other recruiters I have worked…

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I.G. – Candidate

It has been a pleasure working with Mr. Dave Bevington, having connected with Dave mid 2016, he helped me through a process with which I had become unfamiliar. Specificity, finding a career opportunity with a high–tech company. Dave (with great professionalism)…

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J.B. – Candidate

“DRI might be the most professional group I’ve ever worked with; and when we will be growing and hiring, DRI will be my first call when that time comes.”

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A.S. – Candidate

Dave Bevington was very supportive and positive when I contacted him regarding my recent layoff which occurred prior to the holidays in 2015.  He encouraged me that this was a great time to be looking for a new career as…

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S.G. – Candidate

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Dave Bevington at DRI. As somebody who does not have a lot of interviews under his belt, having spent almost the entirety of my career with one company, I have found Dave’s…

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D.P. – Candidate

“I am certainly grateful for Dave’s expertise in helping me connect with the right company for my career. Recruiting today is tough. Dave delivered the value of industry experience and networking.”

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E.B. – Candidate

“Dave was outstanding to work with. He gave me clear guidance and communication on what to do throughout the process. His patience and calm demeanor kept me in check during the inevitable bumps that happen during a recruitment. With Dave’s…

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G.D. – Candidate

“I never had the opportunity to work with a recruiter before however, Dave Bevington set the bar for sure.  His attention to detail, well established relationships and knowledge of where to “Plug In” candidates is outstanding.  Dave is a true…

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Tom Malloy, Automation & Robotics Solutions, Bluebay Automation

“The candidate Dave found is a perfect fit for the position. Dave was in constant contact through the hiring process. Excellent job by Dave and DRI to fill several positions at BlueBay. BlueBay has several more positions to fill by the…

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Matt Nemeth, Director of Sales, E+E Elektronik Corp

“DRI provided regular updates regarding their search along with candidate resumes. We were able to collaborate on a regular basis to ensure the right candidates were being targeted. This helped find the right candidate quickly. I have worked with DRI…

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D.B- Candidate

“Dave was very supportive along the way of finding me different opportunities, and was helpful in describing the types of roles available and his honest opinion about the companies. Working with DRI was extremely helpful. They are a wonderful service…

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MaryCay Copeland, HR Manager, Benshaw / Unico | Client

“Andrew and Dave are very good at what they do. They are always on top of everything! Andrew is very good at following up and stay on track with candidates. Andrew is very proactive and has a very quick turnaround…

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V.L. – Candidate

“Dave is an awesome recruiter to work with. He made sure to note what I was looking for in a job and did his best to find a job that fit my needs. I’m very happy at the location that…

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S.A. – Candidate

“Before working with Dave Bevington, my experience with most recruiters was that they were only trying to place me in a position in order to reach their quota and did not have my best interest at heart. My first impression…

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L.H. – Candidate

“The biggest concern that I had working with a recruiter is if they were looking out for my best interest and if I they would really know the best company and job for me. Once I started working with Dave,…

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E.Z. – Candidate

“I had a good experience working with Dave Bevington. I’ve worked with recruiters before; and sometime it’s clear that the candidate came second to the client. Dave did not give me this impression. I felt like he had my best…

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P.S. – Candidate

“For the most part, recruiters are okay. Dave Bevington did a great job managing the hiring process, it all went pretty smooth. I was pleased with Dave’s service, he did a good job. Most recruiters do not return phone calls…

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I.S. – Candidate

“I was very pleased with Dave Bevington’s laid back attitude and the candidness of the conversations we have. I never felt like Dave was pushing me into a job that wasn’t in my best interest. I recommend Dave Bevington because…

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D.W. – Candidate

“I have had fine experience working with Dave. If circumstances caused me to look for another position, Dave Bevington would be the guy I’d call.  Here’s why: I am currently employed in a field quite different from where I spent…

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B.C. – Candidate

“I have been wary about working with recruiters because you never know if they have a commitment from the hiring company to recruit for them so that my credentials would be taken seriously.  Dave was prompt about returning my calls,…

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Andy – Client

Dave is a top performing and professional recruiter, very ethical and hard working. He hones in on the key attributes and skills you are looking for and has a very good understanding on personal fit into the organization / position…

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R.W. – Candidate

“I have worked with Direct Recruiters in the past and want to share my experience. In this day and age, good recruiters are a necessary part of a career path especially with large corporations so when Dave Bevington called, I…

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L.P. – Candidate

“Dave differentiates himself from other recruiters by sincerely putting your best interests at heart.  He is also great at keeping communication lines open, and working out the logistics and scheduling of interviews.  I would highly recommend his services to anyone…

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R.D. – Candidate

“Dave Bevington of Direct Recruiters is very knowledgeable of the requirements of both the hiring company and the candidate.  He works with both parties to ensure a perfect fit, and follows through the entire recruitment process in a very professional…

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