I.G. – Candidate

It has been a pleasure working with Mr. Dave Bevington, having connected with Dave mid 2016, he helped me through a process with which I had become unfamiliar. Specificity, finding a career opportunity with a hightech company.

Dave (with great professionalism) provided materials that would assist in making an impression with future employers, as one who had vast experience in the Motion Control segment (a highly technical and competitive industry), Dave enabled me to stand out from the crowd. He provided opportunities consistent with the needs we discussed. Dave would be efficient in his communications prior and post interview, helping me through each stage and ever willing to spend some time with me when questions and advice was needed

Thanks to Dave , he placed me with one of the companies I have admired for more than two decades. His ability to get me an interview was based on his relationship with the employer. In the contemporary world of business, it is refreshing to experience this hands on relationship with a professional that has both your and the employers needs at the forefront.

Dave negotiated on my behalf, with each successful interview, his preparation skills and foreknowledge of the process kept my mind at ease to focus on the task at hand.

My final interview was in NOV ’16, and I will never forget sitting in the hotel, awaiting a meeting with the President of this High Tech Company. My phone rang and it was Dave with last second words of encouragement.

Within an hour it was a privilege to call  Dave and inform him of OUR success in acquiring this fantastic career opportunity.

It is with pleasure, I recommend Mr. Dave Bevington as a partner in locating your next career move, whether Corporate Executive, Engineer, Professional Sales, Mr. Bevington will be with you all the way.