D.C. – Candidate

It’s been great working with Dave Bevington and the DRI team! Given my resume along with our initial discussions regarding my current situation, career goals, and aspirations Dave and Daniel found a perfect opportunity for me in a new company. Dave was on point with our phone calls and discussions throughout the hiring process, and one area that sets DRI apart from competitors is the attention and coaching support through each step of the hiring process.

Our challenge during the company offer step was negotiating the base salary as it was below what I have been accustomed to making over the last several years. Although they wanted to negotiate directly with me on salary, I appreciate Dave pulling out the stops and making a pitch to the company that paved the way to me negotiating a salary that was a win for me and my new company.

Finally, it was a nice touch to send me a thank you card and small gift as follow up. That and the request for this testimonial speaks volumes.