A.S. – Candidate

Dave Bevington was very supportive and positive when I contacted him regarding my recent layoff which occurred prior to the holidays in 2015.  He encouraged me that this was a great time to be looking for a new career as companies were preparing to begin 2016 strong.

Throughout the interviewing process, Dave provided me with constructive criticism, making sure my resume had a modern look and conveyed the details that perspective employers were looking for in a candidate. He provided me with training videos on telephone and in person interviewing skills, recommending I practice to assure that I would be prepared and not nervous.

I felt very supported by Dave throughout the hiring process, he followed up with me regularly.  His communication style is very smooth and welcoming.

I attribute my receiving on offer from the company we were working with as a direct result to Dave preparing me with my career search.

Thank you Dave Bevington for a positive experience.