Direct Recruiters recruits Managers, Directors and C-Level Executives in the Logistics field. As a part of Supply Chain Management, Logistics professionals plan and implement the flow and storage of goods or services from point of origin to consumption. Logistics is split into inbound and outbound; with inbound logistics being the portion that focuses on purchasing to inventory management to manufacturing and warehousing, and outbound logistics focuses on storage and movement of products to the end user. Direct Recruiters Logistics recruiters place individuals into logistics roles to achieve successful logistics processes in their organizations.

Direct Recruiters places professionals into jobs like Chief Logistics Officer, Logistics Manager, Director of Logistics, VP of Logistics, Chief Procurement Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Procurement Manager, Purchasing Manager, Sourcing Manager, Operations Manager, Distribution Manager, Fulfillment Center Manager, General Manager 3PL Fulfillment Center, Director of eCommerce, VP of Transportation, and Transportation Manager.

Recruit a Logistics or Transportation Manager, VP, SVP, Director or C-Level Executive | Submit a Job Description | Info for HR Managers | USA Logistics Executive Search Firm | SCM Recruiters | Call Tom Clark at 440-996-0874 for more info

Contact Practice Leader, Tom Clark at or 440-996-0874 for more information or to recruit a logistics manager, director or C-level executive.

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