Norm Volsky Recaps Connected Health Conference

January 10, 2017

By Norm Volsky, Director of Mobile HIT

Last month, I attended the Connected Health Conference in Washington D.C. for the fourth consecutive year. There is always a lot of excitement leading up to the show with emerging companies eager to show off their innovative technology. This year there were mostly young, high growth companies in attendance. Of the many companies that were in attendance, the following caught my eye:

CareWire - Patient Engagement solution that uses text messaging communication exclusively. This vendor agnostic platform is a combination of episodic engagement (before and after an encounter) and wellness/population health communication. Unique offering since it is mobile secure but not an app that a patient or caregiver has to download onto their phone or tablet.

MedStack- Healthcare platform company that specializes in helping mobile health companies achieve privacy compliance and seamless integration/interoperability. MedStack helps its customers achieve HIPAA compliance and allows them to focus on what they are passionate about which is healthcare. This allows healthcare apps to make it to market faster.

Vitalitics- Data analytics vendor founded by former Intel employees that takes all of the data generated from wearable and connected devices and makes that data actionable. The company’s mission is to allow patients to better understand their health.

Iggbo- Uses on demand technology and a flexible workforce to solve some of the biggest challenges in healthcare. The Iggbo platform allows providers and patients the ability to schedule lab testing anytime, anywhere. Iggbo has an appointment compliance rating of 98.2%, compared to the industry average of 70%, as well as 99% patient satisfaction.

Validic- Digital Health Platform that allows accessibility and integration to patient recorded data from mHealth apps, devices and wearables. Recently named the Fastest Growing Digital Health Company in 2016 by Rock Health. They also were recognized by CIOReview as the Most Promising Healthcare Solution Provider of 2016.

Medssenger- Combining messaging and workflow to connect everyone involved across the entire continuum of care including Hospitals, Primary Care Practices, Nursing Homes, Acute Care Facilities, and ER’s and Surgery Centers. Their HIPAA-compliant app facilitates more efficient care delivery and allows the entire care team to know how a patient is doing following their care plan, leading to better outcomes.

Hale Health- Multi-modal Telemedicine platform that allows its 350+ clinics to increase their practice capacity by 30% by leveraging remote care interactions. Hale allows its clinicians to interact with their patient using: messaging, photos, videos, questionnaires and health education materials all in one place.

Early Sense- Sleep Monitoring app focused on elderly care that measures: Heart Rate, Respiration, Movement, Stress and Sleep. This info is sent in real time to family members and caregivers. The sensor is positioned under a patients bed and enables real time alerts to be sent to the care team with the goal of optimizing sleep and predicting readmissions.

Overall, I came back from the Connected Health Conference energized to get back to work in this great industry. Based on the impressive technology I saw, I am confident the mobile HIT space is thriving and poised for more growth. I feel so lucky to be able to work in a space where people are so passionate about improving patient care and hospital efficiency.

The next trade show I am planning on attending is HIMSS in Orlando…if you are interested in having your company highlighted in my next blog, please let me know.

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