Transform Your Hiring Process

Winter 2003

Corporate hiring authorities often are consumed by in-house concerns. The corporate culture is one focused on “process”…the process of scheduling, interviewing and consulting to managers, basically facilitating the flow. There is little time actually spent on “recruiting”. In fact, many large organizations are taking upwards of 120 days to fill a vacant position. The cost and impact of these vacant positions can be staggering. Transforming your hiring process might enable your in-house hiring authorities to spend less time on procedures and more time on outside tasks like finding and landing “A” level performers!

But what does transforming the hiring process really mean? Basically, it involves re-engineering the tasks and procedures performed by an organization’s recruiters, hiring managers and other process participants. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Teach your hiring staff how to write accurate job descriptions. Gather all job requirements and criteria up-front and don’t start talking to candidates until you’re ready to hire.
  • Implement contemporary recruiting/hiring methods including the latest in applicant tracking systems. Give your hiring staff the information and technology necessary to be successful.
  • Eliminate unnecessary, outdated and redundant steps. Streamline your hiring process and shorten the long approval chain. Keep in mind that speed is crucial since it can mean the difference between landing the candidate and losing the candidate.
  • Administer candidate testing up-front. Determine their strengths and weaknesses from the start and use this information as a tool throughout the interview process.
  • Inform Hiring Managers that bringing top talent into their organization is a part of their job. It is no longer a task for which they can rely solely on their HR department or in-house recruiter. Communicate to them that they are expected be a full-participating member of the process.
  • Create favorable perceptions. While you are evaluating the candidate, he/she is evaluating you and your company. Delays and inefficiencies only yield negative perceptions causing top talent to steer clear of your company.

In-house hiring authorities may be immersed in process but remember that process is not etched in stone. Redefine and reinvent your hiring process so that the focus is on locating and landing high caliber candidates for the success of your organization.