Another Success Story


When Danby Group, an Atlanta-based Auto ID specialty company, was seeking a qualified Auto ID candidate for a key sales position, they tried a combination of in-house recruitment methods, including newspaper and Web Site advertising. Inundated with responses, the Danby Group spent hours sifting through resumes and conducting interviews only to discover that no one matched their specific criteria. Having wasted valuable time and countless dollars, they were open to exploring new options.

Coincidentally Direct Recruiters, Inc (DRI) of Cleveland, Ohio placed a cold call to Danby Group’s Sales Manager, Fred Lovelady. Having never used a professional search firm, Mr. Lovelady was cautious but interested in knowing more about DRI’s placement services. Explaining that DRI can simplify his hiring process by locating, identifying, screening and interviewing numerous candidates and subsequently narrowing the scope to a select few, Mr. Lovelady decided to take a risk.


DRI worked closely with Mr. Lovelady to gather information about Danby Group’s company culture, hiring goals and objectives. Learning that it takes a Danby sales professional between 4 and 6 months to yield a simple return on investment, DRI knew they needed to locate a candidate with long term employment plans (at least 2 years) in order to make a significant contribution to the company and bottom line. DRI then focused on identifying specific candidate requirements and qualifications. A candidate profile was developed that included past experience in Auto ID, a willingness to travel, technical skills and equipment knowledge, excellent interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to be a self-starter. With the groundwork laid, DRI began a customized plan of action and a search process utilizing advanced recruiting techniques, state-of-the-art technology and a query into their extensive database of top industry professionals across the country.


The results were quick and exact. Five exceptional candidates were found meeting all the prerequisites established. Moreover, every candidate was located in the Atlanta area and able to make a job change within a few weeks. Mr. Lovelady interviewed all 5 candidates and ultimately selected one. Mr. Lovelady and Danby Group were impressed by DRI’s ability to target so many outstanding candidates located in their own backyard. Furthermore, they were delighted that their sales position was now filled allowing them to get back to business.


To date, Mr. Lovelady and Danby Group have hired several sales professionals from DRI. Two have been recognized as top producers making significant contributions. One sales professional needed to be replaced. DRI honored their guarantee for a replacement and found an exceptional candidate in a timely manner. Mr. Lovelady is impressed with DRI’s commitment to total customer satisfaction and applauds DRI’s professionalism, integrity and knowledge of the Auto ID industry.