Changing Employment Blues

Gina Petrello-Pray

Today, unemployment is at its lowest rate in years, yet more and more people are dissatisfied with their jobs and don’t know why. Job satisfaction can make a huge difference in affecting our personal growth and happiness in our lives. So, why are so many unhappy people staying at their jobs?

The main reason is most people don’t have the time to look. When actually utilizing the right resources, it doesn’t take much time at all. Some people are actually afraid to look at other opportunities that are available. Whether it be their company finding out, a spouse disapproving or just being afraid to take a risk. Most people think about leaving for almost a year and a half before they actually do. Today, you have to be open and more aware of your overall job satisfaction, surroundings and what the competition is doing.

In today’s market there are more companies looking for good candidates than are available. This has caused a major upward shift in pay wages and job responsibility. Like no other time, people who are making job changes are finding a 30-40% increase in pay. In the “high tech” support positions are up to 50-60%. In addition to money, they are also finding more job satisfaction, flexibility and overall job security.

If you can honestly answer “NO” to any of the following questions, it’s time to get your resume together and start looking at what the job market holds for you:

  • Does your job provide you with challenges for growth and upward mobility?
  • Does your company offer flexibility?
  • Does your boss take advantage of your time and abilities?
  • Is your company controlling your destiny?
  • Does your company provide recognition for a job well done?
  • Are you unhappy in the direction your career is going?

To consider what your value is in the marketplace, call Direct Recruiters today. Talk to our consultants and find out what jobs we might have available for you.