Trade Your Mediocre Players… An All-Star Line-Up Wins the Game

Spring/Summer 2003

It’s the bottom of the ninth and the bases are loaded. You need to score in order to beat the opponent and raise the morale of your team. Up next is a player whose stats have been mediocre at best. You doubt he can even hit a sacrifice fly, let alone a single, to drive in the winning run. In fact, you’re not sure why he’s still on the team. He could do more for you if he played for the opponent.

Does this sound like an analogy to your sales department and overall business? If so, you’re not alone. Replacing poor performers with good people has been rated a top business concern facing American CEO’s. If this is a top concern then why are so many companies still keeping dead wood? Here are some sentiments expressed lately by Sales Managers:

“The process to replace them takes too much of my time and attention.”

“Maybe if I coach them, they’ll improve.”

“I can’t fire someone who has become my friend.”

“It’s easier staying with the same than taking a chance on somebody new.”

“My hands are tied; you know how corporate politics works.”

“I’m afraid there will be legal repercussions if I let them go.”

Unfortunately these excuses only serve to damage and decrease your overall sales team’s performance as well as company profits. Without an all-star line-up, you don’t have game!

According to Jack Welch, former President & CEO of GE, trading your mediocre and poor players for superstars will have an immediate return on investment. To identify a superstar, just follow his four “E” method:

Showing passion & enthusiasm; a “can do” and “will do” attitude

Energizing others
Ability to motivate & champion others

Creative ideas & suggestions; willing to take risks

Ability to carry out & follow through

It’s time to recognize and reorganize around the new reality – finding and keeping great people is a top priority. An all-star line-up will win the game.