Market Shortage Of Qualified Candidates

Most industry leaders would agree that today’s market is as strong as it has ever been. Interest rates have dropped, companies are expanding, and the country has renewed faith in the economy. That’s the good news! The bad news is that there is a shortage of qualified candidates to meet today’s company needs. The reason being, as the economy began to turn itself around, the resulting growth consumed many of the more qualified, top notch candidates in the marketplace. Thus, causing the shortage of today.

The industry has found that most qualified candidates do not settle for what is available, on the contrary, they generally are able to choose from two or three excellent job offers. The market is no longer a buyer’s market.

Companies need to educate themselves about this type of marketplace and what to do to prevent losing candidates to other job offers. First, you can no longer pursue an attitude of “business-as-usual,” or you will lose the candidate of choice to a competitor. You must move forward with the candidate through all the channels as quickly as possible. Secondly, you must sell your job opportunity better and show more interest in the candidate or you will lose them. Thirdly, you must not burn the second or third choice candidates as they may become your choice to hire. Some companies not following this advice might find themselves starting the entire hiring process over and over again, and in some cases with no hire at all.

In this market shortage companies who run ads in newspapers are having an even more difficult time getting any candidates to reply. Especially in the marketplace of today the best candidates are recruited and simply have better things to do than read the Sunday Want ads…

Direct Recruiters is committed to finding and landing top notch candidates in this frugal marketplace. We will continue to work harder to supply our customers with extraordinary candidates. With a little extra help from companies, together we can combat this prudent economy.