Telephone Interviews: To Do or Not to Do, That is the Question

As companies try to shorten the hiring process, phone interviews are proven results of great hires. Your company’s reliance on telephone screening interviews is one result of cost effectiveness that can have your company trimming time and travel budgets in no time.

Direct Recruiters truly believes in phone interviews to help you, evaluate, qualify, test and determine if the appropriate candidate should continue with the hiring process. By adding this easy inexpensive step to your hiring process, it can save you days of work.

As the employer, you must evaluate each candidate by six essential factors:

  1. How was the candidate’s enthusiasm and voice tone? Was it clear and understandable?
  2. How did they answer questions? Were they direct or were they vague and unsure?
  3. Did they do research on the company or were they asking simple questions they should already know?
  4. Did the candidate give specific examples of applications that correlate to what your job entitles?
  5. Did they express interest and ask for a second meeting?
  6. Did they follow up with a thank you letter or a telephone call?

These are all important factors when making a hiring decision over the phone. You will have a higher success rate, with more qualified candidates in ashorter time. To qualify and evaluate each candidate requires time and experience. With a little practice, you can be very effective.