A Silver Lining to the Economic Slow Down

Companies Still Investing in Top Talent

Contributed by Direct Recruiters, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio

It’s not all doom and gloom for employers even though the economy has slowed down. With the “gold rush” mentality gone, companies are taking their time to assess current staff as well as evaluate future hiring needs. According to The Greenspan Effect: “Changing economic times require different recruiting strategies.” Employers are raising their expectations and standards as well as their selection process for new hires. In addition, any new positions created are the result of careful business planning and are thus less risky for both employers and candidates alike.

There’s no doubt that there have been shifts in hiring as business needs have changed. But what hasn’t changed is that recruiting efforts and investment in talent are still essential to the success of any organization. Many companies are taking this opportunity to focus on rebuilding internally and externally to position themselves for when the economy rebounds. Direct Recruiters, Inc. offers these suggestions that could mean the difference between your company’s growth and stagnation:

  • Keep recruiting on the radar. There’s a wealth of talent available. The population of available talent has exploded since layoffs are bringing more people into the job market and other companies have curtailed their recruiting efforts leaving a greater pool of higher quality candidates.
  • Begin dropping the dead wood. Use this time to get rid of poor and mediocre workers and replace them with top producers. In this climate, star players are not only easier to recruit but easier to retain since they are less likely to jump quickly for the latest new start-up company.
  • Reward top performers. Identify top producers and determine what it will take to keep them at your firm. The ROI in rewarding them is high.
  • Make the case for branding and other long-term recruiting efforts. There is value to building your brand even in this climate. Maintain solid sales and marketing teams, as a strong brand will make recruiting and hiring a snap when the economy recovers.
  • Prioritize your hiring efforts. It’s important to realize that certain key technology, sales, marketing, etc. positions will still need to be filled, even during weak economic times. Sharpen your hiring skills and strategies and be sure to use the right tools, including recruitment firms, so that you can experience immediate results.

Employers using this economic slow down to catch their breath and refocus on long-term hiring needs will have a better chance of weathering the economic storm and ultimately see a silver lining.

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