“I’ve had the opportunity to speak to many recruiters, however, there is a reason Aaron is the only one in my phone book. From my first interaction with Aaron, he took the time to learn about me, my dreams, my goals, and my passions; From the bat, this set him apart from others simply trying to push opportunities my way. We continued to work together for a number of months until ultimately finding my perfect position. Aaron made sure to prep me for every interview and gave great insight, and followed up religiously. I’m coming up on 6 months with Zoll. Never been happier. Q4 of last year was great, the territory met its first annual ever doing 177%. I’ve had the opportunity to meet many people who have worked with Aaron, and they all rave about his passion and ability to connect people with what THEY want. I would highly recommend Aaron to find people for your company, as well as working with Aaron on your dream position. Keep up the great work!”