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Direct Recruiters provides executive search and contract staffing services to place interim packaging executives, packaging equipment executives and management for organizations across the United States. Interim executives are temporary professionals hired to fill the demand for leadership in the situations of illness, abrupt resignation, transitions, seasonality, M&A activity, under performing business, and more under short notice. Our vast network of talented, high-level packaging professionals allows our packaging recruiters to quickly and seamlessly find interim packaging executives to fit your organization's specific needs.

Direct Recruiters packaging and packaging equipment executive search specialists provide contract staffing, interim executive search, interim-to-hire, project-based staffing, contingency retained and custom search for organizations looking for impactful interim executives.

Direct Recruiters recruits, acquires, and retains interim executives in the material handling industry such President, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Packaging Executives, VPs, Managers, Directors, VP of Sales, VP of Marketing, VP of Operations, VP of Engineering, Director of Sales, Director of Marketing, Director of Operations, Plant Managers, Product Managers and more.

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Contact Partner, Cherie Shepard at 440-996-0582/ or Jason Herbert at 440-996-0591/ for more information or to discuss a fee structure for Interim Packaging Executive Search.

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Cherie Shepard | Partner | 440-996-0582 |

Jason Herbert | Material Handling Recruiter | Food Packaging & Processing Recruiter

Jason Herbert | Partner | 440-996-0591 |

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