Hire Today or Gone Tomorrow Part 2

Part II

As in Hollywood, sometimes stories aren’t complete until there’s a Part II. So please indulge me as I continue with a second piece of correspondence about why it may take more than wining and dining a candidate to win them over.

In Part I of Hire Today or Gone Tomorrow, you may recall that we discussed the implementation of a capture strategy or the ability to land the candidate while their interest level is at an all-time high. While I mentioned that a speedy hiring process is one essential element to an effective capture strategy, there’s another element just as important. But this one may take a change in preception as to how you and your hiring staff view the candidate.

What if I asked you to simply look at job seekers as your customers? Let me explain. Every company has given great thought as to how to close a deal and service their customers. They have also spent time and money finding out how customers perceive them in the marketplace. If you plug in some of the same efforts when trying to land a choice candidate, I guarantee your capture rate will dramatically improve. Isn’t it much easier to “close” the qualified sales rep, marketing manager, etc. sitting across from you when you show enthusiasm, eagerness and a genuine interest in their future? Isn’t it also easier to land them when your company is recognized in the talent community for being committed to employees and rewarding excellence?

It’s time to take a realistic look at how your company is attracting and landing today’s candidates. An effective capture strategy that includes a quicker hiring process and a change in how you view and treat candidates will help you snare top talent before your competition does.