Hire Today or Gone Tomorrow Part 1

Ouch. You just lost a perfectly good candidate to 

How could this happen? Your company has state-of-the-art products, happy customers, and a great work environment. But no capture strategy.

“Capture strategy” is a fancy recruiting term that simply put, means having the ability to close the deal while your candidate’s level of interest is at its highest. If this is where you’re hiring process stalls, you’re at a competitive disadvantage. While you’re sweating the details on how or whether to consummate the deal, your competitor’s job offer may already have been accepted.

Basic to a capture strategy is a speedy hiring process. In other words, avoid hiring delays and indecision and something I like to call comparison shopping paralysis. This is when you take a day or two to contemplate the offer and candidate. I tell all my clients that the price of indecision is high. The longer you take in make hiring decisions, the more time you give candidates to check out other opportunities.

There are ways to shorten your hiring cycle including scheduling multiple interviews on one day, involving less parties in the decision-making process, and by making your selection more quickly.

Keep in mind, if you strike while the iron is hot and HIRE TODAY, your candidate won’t be GONE TOMORROW.

(Next e-article will talk about another capture strategy element…Looking at job seekers as your customers).